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Sharing Spiritual Experiences

Sharing Spiritual Experiences

Sharing Spiritual Experiences One of the binding ties all human beings can have in common, if they want it, is the sharing of spiritual experiences. Because we are children of God, we have His promise and an opportunity to approach…

A Multitude of Voices United as One

A Multitude of Voices United as One

A Multitude of Voices United as One Some of you know I dedicated this blog to the Lord earlier this year. Prior to that time it was just another Mormon-themed blog. After that sacred moment in prayer, it became, at…

Preserving the Restoration


Mormon history is full of breakoff groups, splinter groups, divisions, and all kinds of off-shoots. Most of them have been failures. Tell me why you think this new movement will be different. First, let’s be clear I’m no spokesperson for…

Apologies to Tim’s Readers


This is a guest post by Log. I wish to apologize to Tim’s readers for my post entitled “What Manner of Men?”. While I believe wholeheartedly in the principles advanced, my capacity to observe those principles is limited, and I…

Looking Beyond the Mark


It the LDS Church today, we often hear the phrase, “Looking Beyond the Mark.” Those who read the scriptures know this comes from the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon. This is a uniquely LDS phrase, not found…

We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet


I attended our ward Sacrament meeting today. Because of General Conference next week, we held our monthly Fast and Testimony meeting. A majority of the testimonies were from the sisters sharing their thoughts about the Women’s meeting last night. The…

77 Truths – A Book Review

77 Truths – A Book Review

77 Truths – A Book Review I promised my friend Bret I would provide a review of his book, 77 Truths. I usually wait until I finish a book before I write an analysis. In this case, I simply can’t…