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Life is Unfair, But You Knew That


 Why is there suffering? And why is life so unfair? Why do some have bigger burdens than others? Why do so many people live in poor war-torn countries? One possibility is that the abused deserve their abuse—that perhaps they were…

We Have Limited Free Will


 We have limited free will. Within certain limitations, we can make choices and act upon those choices. Our choices are partially controlled and determined by outside forces and by the laws of physics. But we have agency to act within…

Choosing to Act with Certainty


Making choices and acting upon those choices is the very purpose of life. The process of choosing and acting brings great meaning and fulfillment to our lives and is of significant value to our mental health and happiness. It is by not acting that we forfeit opportunities for growth.

Moving Toward Gospel Promises


What motivates you to accomplish good things in life? Are you a moving-toward or moving-away kind of person? In this essay I examine that idea that some people are not motivated by promises that they can’t fathom. They need to evaluate the things that they really what by experiencing things that are not desireable.

There is no middle ground


 In the priesthood session of the April 2003 General Conference, President Hinckley delivered a landmark address on the subject of loyalty.   In his remarks he said, “Each of us has to face the truth of the matter—either the church is…

We know the purpose of life

We know the purpose of life

 In Institute class last night we studied Abraham chapter three. If you are not familiar with the Pearl of Great Price, this is the chapter that contains one of the most glorious and powerful doctrines of the LDS faith about…

The real purpose of life


 Carol and I have met over the past several years on a regular basis with our friends from the local congregation of the Church of the Nazarene. While the subject was improving marriage we were encouraged to find so much…