The Point of It All

Adam-and-Eve-Kneeling-at-Altar-PrayingA friend of mine and I were discussing the fracas on the (anti-) Heavenly Mother thread.  She asked me how I would answer the dilemma I posed to Nate therein.  I answered that the dilemma is not one for me because I teach repentance and faith in God, and this because my target audience is those who don’t have the gift of the Holy Ghost, either never having been baptized by fire, or having been so baptized but having let the light go out.

She asked me what I really want, and answered for me.

You want people to have the gift of and speak by the Holy Ghost. You want  people to act on principles of righteousness, not pride or anger or shallow reasoning. You want to see the gifts of God manifested in all people. You want egoism to cease and peace to reign.

She said it better than I could at the time, preoccupied with the fracas as I was. That is the Zion I am seeking but keep not finding, neither in person nor online.

With Tim’s loving and graceful permission, I have endeavored to teach a few things here and there in the hope of shortening the learning curve of whoever will listen and respond, to bring to pass the preparation of the children of God for the establishment of Zion and the advent of Christ.  I have always wanted – hoped – that people would go and search the scriptures and drink deeply of the words of Jesus Christ, specifically those things that he delivered by his own mouth to his disciples and to the people, and do exactly those things continually, laying aside the precepts and traditions of men.  In doing the works of Christ, we learn what manner of being he is, and he makes us as he is.  I must thank Sfort for giving me the final piece of the puzzle – the role of works in our salvation – which is just that.  Yet even without understanding why we do those works we are commanded to perform, we are profited thereby, learning the principles of righteousness, and receiving revelations and commandments not a few as we pray continually.

“Why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the Lord?”  Or, why do you do what the Lord said?

“I know not, save the Lord commanded me.”

But now I know.  This thing is in similitude of the works of God, wherein he giveth to all liberally and upbraideth not.  And he bestows his grace – his ability to give good gifts – upon them who delight to serve him and keep his commandments continually.

He who would be greatest shall be the servant of all.

I truly cannot improve upon the teachings of the Lord; I only wish I could persuade all men to abide in him and do his works continually.  I wish I knew what I could say to get anyone to want to hear his words and do them, praying always for the fullness of his spirit.

There is deep meaning in this to me.  I once was an unbeliever, possessed of the spirit of the devil, and led to do whatever wickedness my heart desired – yet I wanted peace and that desire for peace led me to stop doing the most egregious things.  But peace was still never quite mine – until one day I was caught in a benevolent snare woven by God and perceived by the Spirit that the true path to happiness was in the teachings of Jesus, specifically the sermon on the mount / plain.  And at that time, for the first time in my life, the light and love of God entered my heart, and I was told there was a God, and that he loved me.  And from thence I was enfolded back into the Church, and struggled ineffectively against my many sins according to the teachings thereof for years.

I studied our religion as though it were brand new to me, particularly delighting in Nibley’s books – and the same light and love that entered into my heart with the voice of the Spirit telling me there was a God and that he loved me entered into my heart again as I marveled at the King Follett Discourse in The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and told me that Joseph was a true prophet.

Even so, I could not seem to get free from the sins that did so easily beset me, until finally I started trying to walk in the paths of the Lord as he taught and my temptations kind of just faded away.  I cried unto the Lord for the Spirit continually, praying anytime I thought of praying, while observing to do those things the Lord said to do.  And my prayers were eventually answered in a manner I would not have beforehand been able to comprehend or even imagine.

And that’s the key point – it is literally incomprehensible and unimaginable until it happens to you.  I’ll give an analogy.  When I was a teenager, I believed all love songs were lies.  I believed they were taking the vague sentimental warmth I felt for my parents, let’s say, and blowing it up through poetic exaggeration beyond all recognition to make themselves seem to be better than me by claiming to experience things which I did not know about nor believe in and could not imagine.  And thus it was until I felt love for the first time, and then I understood the songs.

So it was with this answer from heaven.

And that’s what I want for each of you if you haven’t yet discovered the way.  That’s why I keep talking about the golden rule, and the teachings of the Savior.  I had a blog once called “Cry Mightily,” the purpose of which was to convince men to, well, cry mightily unto God to receive the Holy Ghost, as taught throughout the Book of Mormon.

Once you see this teaching, you can’t miss it.

All I can do is invite you to come and see – do what I did, and see if you do not receive what I received from God, which cannot be described in words.  Pray always for the Holy Ghost, and do the commandments of the Lord that he delivered in his own voice, focusing your mind solely on these things.  Yield to no temptation, including fear.

For those in whom the light has gone out, the path back is the way you took to get there in the first place.  Do you remember what it was to pray with all the energy of your soul?  Do you remember what your works were in those days?  Does the memory of those things not haunt you?  Are you satisfied where you are?  I have been in your shoes.

What more can be said?

17 Replies to “The Point of It All”

  1. Amen Brother Log! His amazing peace is like no other. I only want more and more of it. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. And I mention the thoughts of Brother Snuffer…reckless enthusiasm. The world is spinning out of control. May I always be enfolded in His grace as I listen and receive His will. His quiet voice leading me through the chaos of men. Peace be with us all, at this time, is my prayer.


  2. Bravo. Nothing more, except to seek God’s glory – and not your own – in all things lest ye be tempted to boast and be misguided in thinking that anything you receive from God is yours rather than merely a talent He has blessed you with to fulfill His own purposes in the service of others.


  3. What if you don’t remember “those days?” Or that you doubt the simplicity of those days…that you didn’t really know and recognize “what it was”? And in such a “memory” it feels distorted? Myself and a dear friend have been discussing True Repentance and wondering what it really is in its simplicity….how to feel that godly sorrow and how to know we are out of pride, which we think is our vice that keeps us from understanding this doctrine. We are beset with emotional turmoil and frustration and thus confusion. Habits of “quick to anger” for passed spousal hurts…she remarried and I trying to change and repair 15 of 20 years of “junk.” Then there’s the faith crisis on top (or is a foundation?) of all this. Ultimately, repentance seems ellusive….we think gave repented of certain passed sins and are unsure. Thinking maybe we haven’t forgiven ourselves, but still ellusive. “Works meet for repentance” is what???? When you have lived the commandments, at least superficially in the sense that you think you are “real” but then what? There is a measure of lack somewhere and we don’t understand what we are missing, even with crying mightily but not feeling connected…..for YEARS! How does one really and truly connect and it not take so freaking forever, even to have a recognition of the “steps”????
    Thank you for the honest and loving posts from Log and Minority of One, that I feel speak with the spirit that I need the hear. I think there is one other but I’m not remembering a specific name.
    thank you!


    1. Good questions Sharon. For me, the commandments point us to the reality that we do sin, because we don’t obey everyone of them. If we break one commandment the scriptures say it is the same as we break the whole law, for our presence with the Father and the Savior are for the pure. The cleansing power of the sacrifice of the Savior and the Holy Ghost bring us into his presence, not the actual obeying the commandments, because no one ever has obeyed all of them except the One.

      Since the commandments point the way to our inability to be reclaimed, we rely on Christ more fully. Repentance, a change of heart is not predicated on exact obedience with every jot and tittle; it is the saving power of the Savior and the sanctifying of the Holy Ghost that will see us through.

      This is a great inquiry on your part. It is something always in the back of our minds. Questions are a wonderful thing. The restoration of the gospel started with a question.


      1. I’m guessing I don’t rely enough on Christ , to continue with this emotional and spiritual upheaval and just feeling like I don’t “get it” and may never get it….there’s more in reply to Log’s reply.
        thank you for your reply 🙂


    2. Sharon,

      I can only tell you my experience.

      I spent many, many years in the dark. The memory of light and love and communion with God haunted me, so I kept up the outward stuff like scripture reading, rote prayers, and occasionally giving to the poor; even so I was stumbling around in the dark. Because I was trying to do things my own way, seeking the glories of the world, the devil had power to tempt me, and oh how I hated myself for yielding. It was not until I “came to myself” and realized how low I had gotten, how filled with pain, darkness, and malice I was, that I laid every worldly thing aside, every claim to any thing in this life, and prayed with all my heart, might, mind, and strength to be received of God. And I was answered with a remission of my sins and revelations and commandments, and life has gotten very interesting for me.

      These things cannot be adequately described. When I say I laid aside every claim to any thing in this life, I mean that I stopped caring whether I lived or died, even whether my family lived or died – for they are God’s to do with as he will – I stopped caring whether I hit the street or had a job. I stopped listening to the feelings and voices that told me I was unworthy to be forgiven, that I was filth before God, and that I had to beat myself up before God would hear me. Nothing mattered to me any more except being received of God, and I prayed with full abandon, resolving to be received even if I should die in the process because of my unworthiness.

      That is, as I understand it, “full purpose of heart.”


      1. So, forgive me for the possible ridiculousness of my continued inquiry…when you stopped caring and prayed with full abandon, was that in itself “instantaneous” or you still had to pray in such a manner for a time, (several days, months?) and “give up” daily or several times a day to remain in that not caring mode? That is the general experience I attempt off and on…to let go and attempt to seek God’s will for me and lay aside my own “vain imaginations” of goals and plans as taught in and out of church (any church). “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail” and raising and caring for children and running a household so as not to have CPS take my children because I can’t do it all and my husband failed to stay on top of promised chores and there was “inquiry” etc….I’m being very very vague on this experience from nearly 9 years ago and it sounds petty about chores, but there is so much more to the “inquiry.” Anyway, the journey to let go in such a way has been a rollercoaster.
        for my friend, she’s left an abusive marriage as a working mom and into another working marriage, just without the abuse, but he doesn’t bring in household income while capable of doing so. Which leaves her feeling like she has to keep “control” of earning the money to keep her family taken care of, etc. So, “not caring” to degrees can be quite difficult. Both of us are ultimately “warrior spirits” and feel that is part of our journey, but to then bring those personal characteristics (vs a gift of being warriorlike?) to spiritual productivity is quite the challenge!!
        Please accept my sincere gratitude for addressing such questions and helping the learning curve desired to be overcome after many years of struggle.
        There’s the saying “the pain of staying the same has to be greater than the pain of change to move forward” and yet we seem to flit back n forth through such pain…..we’re missing something or many somethings or looking passed the simplicity or whatever….and we are exhausted, yet apparently not exhausted enough???????


        1. Sharon,

          If I understand your questions correctly, you are asking, in effect, “If I did this, how soon would I be answered? What if I can’t let go of all things now?”

          Do I understand correctly?


        2. Sorry for the delay in response….life grabs hold…
          “how long until I get an answer” is always too personal, yet frustrating to just not know. That is sort of part of it, but I know it can’t be answered by anyone, though i still try to ask but not ask…hope that made sense.
          I suppose the “what if I can’t let go of all things now” part is my question but I didn’t see it that way. I just feel confused about this part of the journey and the supposed simplicity of repentance that I still don’t seem to understand. Not that it’s easy, mind you, but….I don’t know. I don’t what I really don’t know…I’ll keep plugging along…as this relentless spirit of mine won’t let me do any less…enough whining….

          MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


        3. Sharon,

          Obviously I do not know how long it would take for you – that’s for you to find out in the doing of it. Scriptural examples range from nearly instantaneous (Lamanite kings) to several hours (Enos 1:1-8) to maybe years (Helaman 3:35). It takes as long as one needs it to – however long it takes for one to yield one’s heart entirely to God, laying down all burdens and claims against others.

          Remember – you are only responsible for you. What others do is not up to you.

          Merry Christmas!


  4. I have purposefully stayed out of the recent discussions on my own blog, watching the drama unfold and observing the hearts of men and women exposed in the way they treat each other online. So many times I have come close to banning one individual or another, just because I disagreed with what I perceived to be personal attacks.

    The Lord asked me to forebear. I did so. At times I could not stand to read the comments, seeing only bickering, pride, contention, the “I’m right and you’re wrong” attitude displayed so powerfully for all the world to see. I know, this is just a blog, and not a very heavily read blog either, compared to the multitude of blogs out there.

    I express my endorsement of what Log has shared. I feel the same. I also continue to use President Packer’s analogy of tasting salt, because it works. Unless you have experienced what Log has described, you will not understand the importance of sharing kind, compassionate dialog as opposed to “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

    In spite of what some have expressed elsewhere, this is not a forum where anything goes. There are guidelines. There is a point and objective to this blog. At first I thought I may have erred in what I felt the Lord asked or inspired me to do in opening the blog to guest authors. I see now the wisdom of that request, based on this post alone.

    There will be a post from Nate on Mary Magdalene this evening if I get the time to edit it and then I have something I want to share in response to Denver Snuffer’s latest post. God bless each of you who participate here on this blog, which, if you don’t know, I have dedicated to the Lord and asked Him to use. I have seen His hand.


    1. Wonderful comment and validation expressed for you following the Lord’s guidance. I only read so far into the comments of the previous post and do not desire to go further to see the “progression” of dialogue. I appreciated the beginning of “dispute” of the Heavenly Mother distraction for those who have certainly experienced light with their Heavenly Mother and offering righteous testimony of such personal experiences with references to scriptures that validate the LIGHT they experienced.


  5. Thank you Log. I do feel the spirit of your words, as well as the loving concern you have for those you are trying to reach. I loved your idea of focusing on the words coming directly from Christ’s mouth. Perfect. This I will do. (Love King Benjamin, too.)


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