Let Them Serve As Signs

Equinox031815And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. (Gen 1:14-16)

I approach this subject with some trepidation. I feel inadequate knowing there are many among my readers who are well versed in the heavens and are in fact, experts. For instance, my friend Anthony Larson has written multiple books about this and lectures regularly. I have a lifelong interest in the stars and the planets, especially because of the role they will play in the last days.

Note Genesis 1:16 mentions the stars. I include them among the lights placed in the heavens to serve as signs unto man. In days long past, the planets were classified as stars, stars that moved was the phrase used, I believe. I hope in this short post to whet your appetite to investigate the wealth of information available about these signs, and why they should be important to us now.

Thunderbolts of the Gods

polar-configurationI’ll first suggest you spend some time on Anthony’s site, MormonProphecy.com. These days Anthony is most active in the Facebook group, “The Restored Gospel, Ancient Planetary History and Cutting Edge Science,” a closed group of about 600 members. It is an exciting group. We have been watching Ryan Darger bring media representations of the polar configuration to life.

I think the days of mocking are past now. There are too many people onboard with the models of the Electric Universe to be ignored. In my opinion, it has reached critical mass, meaning the old theories of dirty snowballs and a universe controlled solely by gravity are no longer acceptable. It is exciting to see more and more scientists take plasma-centric models of science seriously.

If you would like to know more about the Electric Universe, visit Thunderbolts.info. There are two very active Facebook groups: Electric Universe and Thunderbolts Project. In a nutshell, the EU model proposes plasma has an infinitesimally greater impact on how things work than can ever be explained by gravity alone. Just be sure to approach this science with an open mind.

Astronomy versus Astrology

My interest in the stars and planets increased tremendously with a college astronomy class. At one time I considered a career as an astrophysicist but quickly changed my mind when I learned how much math was required. I switched to business and computers instead. My fascination with the science of astronomy remained. One of the protagonists in my novel is an astrophysicist.

However, for the longest time, whenever someone mentioned constellations, my mind switched off and went elsewhere. It was as if I had an aversion to anything having to do with the way the ancient people of earth viewed the heavens. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered this statement written over fifty years ago from Elder Bruce R. McConkie. It influenced me greatly.

“A form of divination and fortune telling akin to sorcery, astrology is a pseudo-science that pretends to divulge the influence of the stars upon human affairs; it is a false science that claims to foretell earthly events by means of the positions and aspects of these heavenly luminaries. It is, of course, one of Satan’s substitutes for the true science of astronomy and for the true principle of receiving revelation of future events from divine sources.

“Ancient uninspired peoples were frequently deluded by the snares of the astrologers among them (Isa. 47; Dan. 1:20; 2:27; 4:7; 5:7), but it is difficult to understand why people in modern and supposedly enlightened and civilized nations should submit to these same stargazing absurdities. Enlightened people in and out of the Church shun them for the abominations they are.”

Stargazing Not So Absurd After All

I think Elder McConkie intended to condemn the practice of living one’s life by a horoscope. But I think his statement does not take into account the real reason the ancient peoples of earth were so heavily invested in stargazing. At one time the earth and the planets were in a much different configuration than they are today. When that configuration broke up, life on earth was chaotic.

The day of the Lord will come quicklyProphets, true prophets, were very much aware of the signs in the heavens and what they meant. They knew the Lord placed them there for a reason. They – the planets – were not static. When they moved, there was reason to be greatly concerned. Today, nobody believes the planets were not always stable in their orbits. Everyone knows they have been there for millions of years.

Or have they? Ancient civilizations in the days of the patriarchs left us plenty of clues as to the way things were in the heavens back then. Today we reject them as idol worshipers. Perhaps we might want to reconsider such an arrogant assumptive attitude about the way things have always been. Even Joseph knew about the polar configuration and tried to share it with the early saints.

Signs in the Sun

My calendar shows spring begins Friday, the 20th of March 2015, but because of the elliptical and asymmetrical nature of the earth’s orbit, the vernal equinox will actually come to pass on March 18th, two days early. I think there is some significance to this. Some might even call it a sign. Light will be increasing in the earth earlier than expected by man’s usual calculations.

Perhaps this is a sign that a new age of enlightenment has already arrived. It came in stealth, without fanfare, actually unbeknownst, according to the wisdom of the world. Could it be the increase of light has come from lectures delivered by Denver Snuffer, our efforts to remember the restoration of Joseph, particularly the Doctrine of Christ, and new worship communities?

Another site and author whose works you should be familiar with is John Pratt. It was from John I came to the realization the constellations were defined by heaven, not man. We think we know when one age ends and another begins. But in the heavens above, Leo invades Cancer, and Pisces invades Aquarius. God may have one age begin before another ends for His reasons.

Breakup of the Church and Nation

Those last two lines are quoted from Denver’s latest post. Note he uses the word invades. That causes me to think back on an earlier post which referred to the potential fall of Baghdad. Don’t dismiss this discussion based on superstition. Remember, President Benson taught chapters six and seven of 3rd Nephi are signs for our day – first the breakup of the Church, then the nation.

I live in a blessed land and time. I have seen peace in my days, meaning in the immediate area where I live here in California. Although there is war, famine, pestilence and draught in many places, my little hometown seems to be unaffected. I am grateful. It’s as if our great nation has been protected because we have worshipped the God of the land, even Jesus Christ, until now.

If I’m not mistaken, the Supreme Court is scheduled in the next few months to hear arguments on mandating marriage equality in every state throughout the nation. I wonder if something of our protection might be lost should our nation’s highest court decide the people of this land can no longer worship Jesus Christ. He recognizes marriage as only between man and woman.

Behold, I Come Quickly

meteorimpact.gifI am convinced the catastrophes preceding the Exodus are prophesied to be repeated in our day. A careful reading of the scriptures makes this clear, especially sections 29, 43, 45, 88 and 133. I wonder if you have ever considered the prophecy in D&C 84:114 about the cities of New York, Albany and Boston being destroyed with desolation and utter abolishment. When will it happen?

I hope such prophecies as found in the sections above are not fulfilled in my day, but to me, the signs are becoming clearer. I have watched our nation turn against Israel over the last few years. Today, the Prime Minister of Israel addressed this nation, pleading that we not allow the enemies of Israel to obtain nuclear technology. I fear his words fell on deaf ears. Israel will stand alone.

“Behold, I come quickly.” When Joseph quoted the Lord thus, many of the early saints felt the Second Coming was imminent. I have always felt the true meaning of the phrase is that we will be surprised at the rapidity of events in the last days when they begin to be fulfilled in earnest. Let us be familiar with the signs, especially with the signs the Lord displays for us in heaven.


The Hidden Message of Purim

queen-esther1As the Jews prepare to celebrate Purim, I have pondered on whether they know what they are truly celebrating. While many lessons can be learned from the events in the book of Esther, could it be that the Jews are missing the mark, even though they celebrate these events year after year? Could it be that all of us are missing the mark to one degree or another? A quick overview of the book of Esther might do us some good.

The first chapter of Esther begins with the king Ahasuerus calling a feast, in which his wife, the Queen Vashti refuses to attend, even though she was summoned by the king. The writer makes a point of telling us that Vashti has SEVEN chamberlains and the king has SEVEN princes who stand next to him. Because of Queen Vashti’s refusal to attend, she essentially gets the boot, and the king seeks a new queen.

Then the king begins the search for the fairest maiden of them all, who we know happens to be Esther. Esther of course was a Jew named Hadassah (myrtle) who was the cousin of Mordecai. Esther stayed in the kings’ house of concubines, and was given SEVEN handmaidens. The king preferred Esther and her seven handmaidens above all else, and after their DAYS OF PURIFICATION were finished, the king chose Esther above all else.

Next thing we know two of the kings’ servants conspire to kill the king, but their effort was thwarted by Mordecai and Esther. For whatever reason the king is not aware at this point of Mordecai’s involvement to foil the plot of the would-be murderers. Instead of promoting and honoring Mordecai, the king promotes Haman, who all the people in the kings’ quarters reverenced because of the kings’ command, except Mordecai would not bow down, or reverence Haman.

Because of this, the evil Haman was pretty ticked off, and decided he just better kill all of the Jews because of it, and the king with the wave of a hand granted permission. When Mordecai heard of this plot he spread the word. Among the chosen people fasting, and wailing began, and “many lay in sackcloth and ashes.”

queen-estherWell, the next part of the story we all know. Esther approaches the King without being summoned, even upon the threat of death, and seeks for the king to grant a request. The king, filled with love for Esther, promises her even the half of his kingdom. Meanwhile, the evil Haman is plotting Mordecai’s death, and even builds a gallows to accomplish the deed.

So of course the King finds out about Mordecai’s part in stopping the assassination attempt, and is outraged that nothing has been done to honor the man. The King also learns of Haman’s evil plot to destroy the Jews, of which his beloved wife Esther happens to be a part. Then Haman in his pride is asked by the king what should be done for the man whom “the king delighteth to honor.” Haman, thinking himself pretty special, and that the king is speaking of none other than Haman, says that he would have the king lend out his royal apparel, his horse, and his crown, that the man can be taken and paraded before the people as royalty. Haman is devastated to learn that Mordecai, the man he hates, is the very man who will receive such an honor.

Now about this time the King learns of the gallows built for Mordecai to be hanged upon, and actually orders that Haman be hanged upon the very gallows he built for another. Also, he is brought low in sadness because he consented to have the Jews destroyed, and grants them power that they can fight, and destroy their enemies before their enemies can kill them. Not only is Haman killed, but his TEN SONS are killed, with all of their warriors who were the enemies of the Jews. Mordecai and Esther are praised and honored with all of the attire of Royalty, their fame grew throughout all the land, and Jews avoided destruction and triumphed over all of their enemies! One verse states “The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honour.” For all of these reasons the Jews perpetually celebrate Purim.

More Than Meets the Eye

asenethAlright I hope that wasn’t too boring to read about. Now let me get to some symbolism that can be applied for those with eyes to see. The King and his people can easily be likened to the gentiles, and the Jews can easily be likened to the Jews, which I guess was entirely true! Among the Jews was a sacred bloodline, with the promise of the coming of the Messiah, which would consist of a King and a Queen. If you haven’t put it together yet, Esther and Mordecai symbolize Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. Remember the “seven devils” cast out of Mary Magdalene, of which consist of the seven devils which must be cast out of us all? This was the evil Queen Vashti and her seven chamberlains. (Compare also to the beast with seven heads in revelations, as well as the vision of Daniel)

One by one as these evils are cast out of us; we must fill that space with the seven Spirits of God. This is the symbolism of Esther coming in before the King with her seven handmaidens. The seven churches in revelations can be interpreted as the seven layers of each of our souls that must be unveiled, cleansed, and filled with seven spirits of God. These are each separate baptisms. The seven stars in the right hand of Jesus will fill each of these seven churches as we progress, and nourish the Spirit of Christ within us.

In the story of Esther, Mordecai who typifies Jesus Christ, thwarts the two wicked servants. This symbolizes the slaying of the false prophet, and the anti-Christ, who are also spoken of in the book of Daniel, and in the book of Revelations. Haman (Satan) is exalted by the gentiles and reverenced by all around except for Mordecai. Haman plans, and champions an effort to destroy Mordecai and all his people, and the very plan and the gallows which was constructed by Haman, proves to be his own destruction, and the destruction of all the enemies of the people of God. This is reminiscent of the promise that Satan will bruise the heel of Christ, but Christ will crush the head of Satan. The death and atonement of the Savior, which no doubt brought joy to the serpent, also proved the very act that would gain the victory and crush the serpents’ head. Jesus’ heel was bruised while he stomped on the head of the snake.

Mordecai and Esther, although unknown to the people, also ended up being the ones who were decked with royal attire when all was said and done. So the Jews and Gentiles do not know the true King and Queen of this earth and still insist on giving reference to other idols. The destruction of Haman and his ten sons are symbolic of the destruction of the beast that wore ten crowns. The celebration at the end of the book of Esther symbolizes the millennial reign of the true King and Queen of this earth, with all of their people with them.

It is beautiful imagery, and taught multiple times in scripture with the same numbers, symbols and lessons, but somehow it has been corrupted and lost over time. While I have only briefly touched on it, we must learn that none of us will survive the second coming of Christ, unless the coming of Christ happens first within us as individuals. Revelations is a book of literal events that will happen in the physical world, but it is also a book that teaches one to overcome the beast within, and receive the Spirit of the Lord, one step at a time.

Here is a summary that a friend of mine made of the book of Joseph and Aseneth. This book has created a bit of a stir because of the claim that it symbolizes Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Well, it does. Perhaps readers can find some of the beautiful symbolism for themselves in this one. God bless…

Summary of Joseph and Aseneth, Who Symbolize Jesus and Mary Magdalene

aseneth1Aseneth is portrayed as being a virgin of eighteen years, very tall and beautiful, “nothing similar to the virgins of the Egyptians, but she was in every respect similar to the daughters of the Hebrews,

“The fame of her surpassing beauty spreads over the earth and everywhere men journeyed to gaze upon her.  She is depicted as living in a splendid tower above her father’s palace, unseen by men, where she worships the gods of the Egyptians daily.

Her father offers to Aseneth a proposition to give her to Joseph as a wife, but Aseneth is angry at her  father for wanting to hand her over to someone who is a fugitive, a shepherd’s son, and one who interprets dreams!  She utterly refuses the proposition.  Later as Joseph’s arrival is announced, she goes to her tower window to watch his approach, and her body trembles at his appearance. She goes weak in the knees and her soul is crushed with fear.

She marvels that she could have once disdained one who she now refers to as “the sun from heaven” and a “son of God.” In this she is emphasizing her conversion “from the gods of Egypt to the God of Joseph.” She utters a prayer to the “Lord God of Joseph,” that she might be Joseph’s maidservant and slave forever. With one glance, Aseneth abandons her former gods in favor of the God of Joseph, and exchanges her disdain for a would-be suitor for a pledge of eternal loyalty as his lowly slave.

Her father bids her to kiss her “brother.” Joseph refuses the kiss saying it is not fit for a man who worships God with his mouth to kiss the mouth of one who “will bless with her mouth with dead and dumb idols and eat from their table bred of strangulation, and drink from their libation a cup of insidiousness and anoint herself width destruction.” He affirms that it is fitting that he kiss only his mother, sisters, and the wife of his bed; to kiss others would be an “abomination before the Lord God.”  But being sensitive, he places his hand on her head and blesses her.

Joseph departs and announces he will return a week later. After Joseph’s departure, Aseneth rejoices because of the blessing, but is filled with much distress and weeps with a “great and bitter weeping,” and repents of her worship of her former gods and idols. She withdraws to her tower where she repents, prays, and fasts for days. After scattering ashes over her floor she cries bitterly and falls upon the ashes, weeping all night, and sighing and screaming until daybreak.  She continues on in this manner for the next seven days.

On the eighth day she lifts her head a little form the floor, and the ashes on which she is laying, but is weak from want of food for seven days. She utters a pitiful prayer to the true God of Joseph. She acknowledges she is unworthy to pray and hated by her parents for destroying their gods, and also hated by Joseph’s god for worshiping idols. She has heard the Hebrew God is compassionate and long-suffering and she prays to God to please have mercy on her, and protect her because she feels she is now an orphan.

She prays again for courage to ask for forgiveness, she confesses her sins and prays for acceptance. She confesses her former pride and sin in worshiping idols which was “done in ignorance,” and pleads for God to rescue her. She forsakes her former opulence, her inheritance, and her blasphemy against the “all-beautiful Joseph and confesses that she loves him beyond her own soul and yearns to be his servant forever.”

After Aseneth’s confession, the Lord gives her a sign in the heavens and she recognizes it as a sign of her acceptance. As she ponders this and continues to look up, a “great and unutterable light” appears. A man comes from heaven and stands at her head in her chamber.  She marvels that he has come because of the high tower and the bolted door. The glorious man informs her that he is the commander for the whole host of the Most High and that he has a message for her. He instructs her to go to her second chamber and change out of her mourning attire and put on a clean linen robe and girdle of her virginity before he conveys the message. She complies and washes and changes as she is told, adding a linen veil to cover her head.

Upon her return the angel bids her remove her veil and take courage, God has heard her confession, and has written her name in “the book of the living heaven.” She has been given to Joseph for a bridegroom forever and gives her a new name, “City of Refuge,” because many people under her wings will be sheltered who trust in the Lord. Adorn yourself as a bride and go meet Joseph.

Before leaving he commands Aseneth to bring a honeycomb which mysteriously has appeared in her chamber. Placing his hands upon her head, he admits her to the “ineffable mysteries of the Most High” and bids her eat of the honeycomb which is the spirit of life, made by the bee of paradise from the roses of life. He breaks off a portion of the comb for her, and assures her that she has now eaten the “bread of life” and drunk a cup of immortality, and been anointed with ointment of incorruptibility. He promises her youthfulness, strong body and beauty.

The angel marks the honeycomb with a cross and makes white bees arise from it. Aseneth beseeches the man to bless her seven virgins, and he complies with her request. He disappears on a chariot of fire. She has received the “ineffable mysteries of the Most High” and her idolatry is wiped away and she is free to partake of the food and drink of immortality.

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