claddagh-ring-eleven-diamondsWhat if the great gathering at Adam-Ondi-Ahman has already occurred on the other side of the veil, but the world, and the church did not know about it?

What if only those who needed to be present, were present?

What if, at that meeting, Jesus Christ, The Son, was elected to the office of The Father, and is therefore now both The Father and The Son?

What if all those who say they get the feeling that whenever they pray to The Father they are talking to Jesus Christ – actually ARE talking to Jesus Christ?

What if we are now in a brief interim between His election by the electoral college (the elect), and His actual inauguration and formal swearing-in (covenant) ceremony?  

What if this brief interim is called elsewhere the “half hour of silence”?

What if that inauguration and covenant ceremony also includes His Eternal Companion, the new Mother-Elect, as they are both sworn into their new offices?

What if the great celebration of their election and formal covenant ceremony as the new Heavenly Father and new Heavenly Mother is called “The Wedding Supper of the Lamb”?

What if the first mailing of the invitation to attend the Inaugural Ball and Wedding Celebration for the new Heavenly Father and new Heavenly Mother has been addressed, sealed, and sent out to Ephraim by Denver Snuffer?

What if very few to whom the invitation was addressed even bothered to open their mail?

What if some of those who actually did open the invitation just threw it in the trash?

What if there is a pre-set, absolute deadline for acceptance of the invitation to attend the Wedding Supper of The Lamb?

What if that deadline is known to the event organizers but was not mentioned in the invitation?

What if the only way anyone can RSVP to attend that event requires a new baptism, which must be centrally recorded?  


What if the actual name of the centrally recorded list of those who have been baptized anew and have thereby indicated their intention to attend The Wedding Supper of The Lamb is called The Lamb’s Book of Life?

What if no one will be allowed into the Great Celebration unless the doorkeepers find their name written in that reservation book?

What will happen to those who chose not to open their mail and didn’t realize there was a celebration?

What will happen to those who opened their invitation but were busy and didn’t RSVP in time?

Who is the parable about the five wise and five foolish virgins referring to?

What wedding were they invited to?  

Had all ten of the virgins in that parable received a wedding invitation?

Had some of them not yet sent in their RSVP?

Who do you know that is planning to attend The Wedding Supper of The Lamb, and already has their name written in The Lamb’s Book of Life?

Are you planning to attend?

Who do you love, and want sitting with you at your table? 

How will you feel if they aren’t there with you?

How will you feel if they are there with you?

What would you be willing to give, do, sacrifice and risk in order to help the people you love make it to the biggest and best party on earth in seven thousand years?

As for me, I’m willing to risk looking like a fool by asking all these questions.      

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