Awake and Arise!

When I entered the covenant offered through Denver Snuffer, I did not know whether the words of the A&C were from Jesus Christ. I had read the A&C through thrice, prayed over it, and analyzed the content through the standard of judgement given in Moroni 7, yet I still did not know the words were from Jesus Christ. The Lord did not attest the covenant to me.

Up to the time of the administration of the covenant where we were asked to stand and say “yes,” I was still wavering, questioning to myself if I actually knew the words were from Jesus Christ. When the moment came, I figured if I were wrong, the Lord would stop me. Though I was unsure, I trusted in the credibility or reliability of Denver Snuffer and accepted the covenant as if it came from God in the absence of knowledge and surety from Heaven.

The Lord did not stop me. My chest swelled uncomfortably with the spirit of pride upon saying “yes,” which I recognized was a bad thing, for charity, as it is written, is not puffed up. That was the first sign I had made a mistake. And I found out that night, to my sorrow and grief and mourning, that the covenant had been a test of integrity and I had failed.

The Lord does not lie, neither does he vary from anything he says. Though he is merciful, he is not a flexible God, but an unchangeable being. “Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man[.]”

And I found out to my horror what the Lord meant by “cursed be the man that trusteth in man.” By saying “yes” to the covenant, thereby saying I knew the words Denver Snuffer put forth were from the Lord when I did not, in fact, know those words to be from the Lord, I broke a commandment and trusted in men. The Lord had therefore cut me off from his presence, leaving me to be led by the Holy Ghost.

When I discovered the consequences of what I had done, I tried to repent immediately by publicly confessing on my blog that I had assented to the covenant despite not knowing the words of the A&C were from Jesus Christ. Afterwards, I fasted and prayed and was baptized again, confessing my sin, in the hopes that the Lord might receive me again into his presence. The curse of the Lord is not got rid of so easily.

I realized that since I had entered the covenant legally, and since there is no honorable exit from it on the text as it stands, the only honorable course of action would be to execute all of the covenant, to the letter, as it is written. This included participating in the Guide and Standard efforts.

The Lord’s request and requirements concerning the Guide and Standard are clear, and there is only one answer that fulfills his criteria, and that answer is his gospel: his law and commandments. The diligent execution of Jesus’s law and commandments as they are written, trusting in him alone, is how we come into his presence, and no man can be saved except he does those exact things. Thus The Rock of Jesus Christ: A Statement of Our Principles offers the words that Jesus gave by his own mouth as his guide and standard for any who would follow him alone and walk in his ways.

In conformity with the Lord’s requests, requirements, law, and commandments, I have formally disputed the adoption of any other document than The Rock of Jesus Christ as the Guide and Standard. This solved the Guide and Standard problem, for if the Lord’s requirement and criteria are executed as written in the A&C by this people, The Rock of Jesus Christ shall inevitably be published.

Now, all that is required of this people to succeed at the task of adopting a guide and standard by mutual agreement in righteousness is that they not defraud the Lord by placing another document in the scriptures as a Guide and Standard.

My primary error in entering the covenant was to take words from a man as though they were from the Lord, relying upon the man’s trustworthiness, connection with heaven, and service to the Lord above my own. The way we repent from trusting men is to completely stop looking to men for the words of the Lord and instead rely solely upon the word of God received by the power of the Holy Ghost to ourselves while keeping all the commandments of Jesus Christ as they are written.

The way that this test has been set up by the Lord is that failure to dispute the adoption of a document is to agree to it, knowing it is for us to follow. If you fail to dispute the adoption of a guide and standard document, then you agree to it and you agree for us to follow it. If that guide and standard consists of the words of men, regardless of whether they be true or false, and you fail to dispute it, then you agree for us to trust in and follow men and be cursed by the Lord, severed from his presence and bound by the chains of hell.

If you, like me, trusted in a man and acted upon that trust by entering the covenant, then you and I have an opportunity to repent of this trust and follow Jesus Christ alone by disputing the adoption of any guide and standard consisting of the words of men, and take the words of Jesus Christ alone for our guide and standard.

The Lottery document is an example of a guide and standard consisting of the words of men. To follow the Lottery document one must trust Denver Snuffer, who is a man. The Lord curses men for trusting men.

Right now, and at the conference at Phoenix, and until and unless this people chooses to defraud the Lord by placing another guide and standard in the scriptures, if you do not publicly dispute the adoption of a guide and standard which consists of the words of men, such as the Lottery document, then you agree to us following men instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Any of us who wish to no more be led by men, even prophets, but instead by Christ alone, must publicly dispute the adoption of any guide and standard document which offers the words of men as a guide and standard. We must publicly dispute their adoption in favor of adopting the doctrine, law, and commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ as our guide and standard. And we must actually do what our Lord has commanded.

We must awaken from our deep sleep, even the sleep of hell, and shake off the chains of the leadership of men. We must rise up and stand forth and be known as followers of Jesus Christ and not followers of men, and show our repentance by boldly disputing the attempts to bind this whole people down with the chains of hell.

“Behold, I am the law, and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live; for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life.”

Jared Livesey

The Solution to the Guide and Standard Conflict

The guide and standard conflict has been solved.

1. I shall not yield on the adoption of The Rock of Jesus Christ.
2. I shall and do dispute the adoption of any other guide and standard document.
3. You have no power to exclude me from the body of covenant participants.
4. If the people abide the Lord’s requirement that the guide and standard be adopted by mutual agreement, then The Rock of Jesus Christ shall be adopted.

If any choose to dispute the adoption of The Rock of Jesus Christ: A Statement of Our Principles as the guide and standard, then we will wait until such disputations cease.

The guide and standard test is simple: do you indeed desire to be the Lord’s people? Then accept and do as he has required.

This makes it possible to fulfill the Lord’s requirement in righteousness.

Jared Livesey