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Latter-day Commentary is much more to me than just a blog. It has been my catalyst for studying the gospel and a home for my essays on the signs of the times in the last days. It started on Blogger a few years back and has enjoyed a fairly decent following as far as solo LDS blogs go. I am a small part of the Bloggernacle community.

The move to WordPress provides me greater admin flexibility and a new clean look that I believe improves the reading experience. I hope you like it and will contribute. I leave the comments open for sixty days after each new essay. I read every one. While this is my forum for expressing my views, yours are also welcome but please read the guidelines.


Over the years, I have found three major areas about which I tend to write often in my essays:

1. The last days – I am a catastrophist and ardent believer that we are in for some worldwide, planet-shaking cataclysmic events sometime in the near future. Yes, I’m talking about a cosmological view that includes meteors, comets and planets with which we will soon have close encounters.

2. Marriage and sexuality – So much of the human mortal experience involves the powerful sex drive. To me, it is a huge motivating factor in all that I do. I am grateful for this gift and for the blessings of married life. Some of my most read and contested essays are about pornography and homosexuality.

3. Answers to anti-Mormons – I have always been interested in reading opposing interpretations of LDS doctrine and history. With the Internet, these viewpoints have received much greater exposure. Many of our members are exposed to it before their own testimonies are secure. My desire is to provide answers and encouragement.

You can read About-Tim to learn more about me personally.

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  1. I can’t find your review or comments on “Passing the Heavenly Gift”. The link on this page https://latterdaycommentary.com/tag/denver-snuffer/ doesn’t work. But now I find that it is just down the page a way. Nevermind.


  2. Hello there, I just found your page, and so far really dig it. I would be fun to sit and read through your library…from the looks of things you have a pretty cool + priceless collection…I have quite abit to find and read. I love searching for knowledge and then judge for myself. It will take me some time to get through your site, as there is years of posts and links…at least it will keep me outta trouble + from doing other useless stuff on the internet…Thanks for the all the insight. All the best.


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