Conference in Boise

doctrine-of-christ-conferenceIn the end-times events, where you live in the world can make a difference. I’ll not refer to the catastrophic events that are prophesied, but to something simple like a conference, to be held in Boise this coming weekend. I’ve pondered and prayed about attending, either driving or flying. Either way would work. I can afford it and I can take the time off from work for needed travel.

But in my prayers, the Lord has caused me to feel it is not necessary. In fact, when I specifically asked the question, “Should I go to Boise this next weekend?” the response, in the form of the voice of the Lord to my mind was, “It’s up to you.” And then the very next impression was about my wife. How I love Carol and wish to help her deal with the changes that are surely imminent.

I chose to go listen to Denver at Sunstone last month because it was convenient. I was going to be in Northern Utah that weekend anyway for a family reunion. I was grateful to have gone. I was especially pleased to get a copy of the lecture delivered so I could study it in detail. If you have not pondered each of the items in the lecture, I highly recommend you consider doing so.

Events of the End-Times

denver-snuffer-wikipediaI know it is annoying to my dear wife that I consider Denver a friend, even though I do not know him well. Every time I read something he has written I feel uplifted and edified. I feel a desire to know more about the subject and often experience the Holy Ghost opening my mind clearly to understand what he has written and shared. I think he’s a great teacher and appreciate his efforts.

My purpose in writing is not to praise Mr. Snuffer, because he has asked us not to. I suppose in the time of Joseph Smith there were a few newspaper writers and publishers who felt the same way. In our day, the Internet is where most people now get their news and learn greater detail about things that interest them. Just remember, to date, Mr. Snuffer claims to be only a teacher.

I like that. I come from a family of teachers and ministers. I taught in the LDS Church for most of my life and always enjoyed the opportunity to study and prepare, because surely it does take effort to be able to teach others truth, gleaned from the scriptures through the Holy Ghost. All my studies and prayers these days lead me to feel there are dramatic changes about to happen.

Abomination of Desolation

meteorimpact.gifI’ve made up my mind not to attend the conference. Besides saving the money required for the travel expense, I’m confident the material will be made available online shortly afterwards. In other words, while I will miss visiting with some friends (many, actually) whom I know will be there, I am grateful to know I will not miss inspired messages that I am sure will be presented.

I’m not one for rumors. When I read one, I consider the source and then say to myself, “We’ll just wait and see what comes to pass.” Many of you know of the rumored announcement that there will be a major policy change regarding marriage presented at General Conference. It’s all rumor at this point so don’t go getting all upset. But if it comes to pass, consider it a major sign.

Many people have studied “The Abomination of Desolation” and written much about it. I have as well, but have declined to write much. I think I wrote one post many years ago when I decided in my mind what the phrase meant. Maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe we are not as far along in the end-times as some have written and shared. All I suggest is we listen closely to announcements.

Building the City of Zion

IndependenceTempleSignIf the rumored events come to pass, what difference will it make in your life? Will you change anything about the way you conduct your daily activities? Will your prayers change? Will your worship activities be any different? In other words, will you continue to follow the Lord’s very clear commandment that we love others and treat them with kindness and respect? I hope not.

I think that’s the main focus of the spin that will accompany the announcement. It’s not bad. It’s reasonable and understandable, even commendable. But make no mistake in understanding it is a sign of the end-times or last days if it comes to pass. Our goal is to prepare ourselves to be more like the people who inhabit Zion. In fact, this sign indicates we must prepare for Zion very soon.

The Lord will not return with the City of Enoch until Zion is built and prepared. The heavens are open. We have an opportunity to commune with members of the Church of the Firstborn and to obtain knowledge about what the Lord is about to do. Events prophesied in the scriptures are for us to look back and know they were brought about by the hand of the Lord. He will direct this.

Gatherings Should Strengthen Faith

moab-gatheringI’ve written in the past about the location of the City of Zion. Don’t be so sure it is to be where the LDS Church has proclaimed it is to be in the scriptures. As we read in scripture, clearly it will be built in the tops of the mountains but not by a large institution as so many believe. If you want to understand this correctly, study the lecture delivered by Denver in Moab earlier this year.

I will miss being in Boise and hearing the talks, especially those on the agenda for Sunday. We all need to focus more on the Doctrine of Christ – to repent, be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. This is perhaps the primary duty of our life. Coming to hear and understand clearly the voice of the Lord is no small task. It takes constant effort and prayer. But He will help us.

For those who attend the Boise Conference, I pray God’s blessings upon you. As I said in the beginning, it makes a difference where you live in these end-times. Some parts of the world and the United States will see greater destruction than others. Likewise, some locations will play a greater role in hosting events leading up to the return of the Lord. God bless you, my friends.


recorders-clearinghouseFirst, Keith asked fellow bloggers to get the word out about the deadline to record 2015 baptismal ordinances. You can read more about it on his blog: Recorder’s Clearinghouse. And Keith, don’t be mad, but may I offer this: a new entry in an existing blog is called a post. So what Keith has written is a new post in his blog. If you received baptism in 2015, be sure it gets recorded in the book to be placed in the temple when it is built. The top link in this paragraph will take you directly to that specific post, not the front page.

money-pitSecond, please remember Rock and Connie Waterman in your prayers. Rock is suffering from some sort of blood poisoning. Rock is a fellow blogger who I met at the Sunstone Symposium last year. His blog is Pure Mormonism. One of the best posts there is his treatment on tithing. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. After years of reading what others had to say about the “right” amount of tithing to pay, I asked the Lord about it and was reminded of Rock’s post on the subject. It changed my mind and more importantly, my heart. Yes, tithing is a commandment and I still pay it, just not to the LDS Church.

doctrine-of-christThird, I’ve been asked to make sure the word gets out about the Doctrine of Christ general conference (lower case “g” and “c”) that will take place in Boise, Idaho this September. You can read more about it on the site dedicated to the event. At this point, as much as I would like to go, I anticipate a conflict with a major work project to take place precisely on that weekend. I’ll be lucky to make it to Sunstone but only because it falls on the same weekend as Carol’s family reunion. I hope to slip away for a few hours to hear Denver’s presentation. Living in California makes it difficult for me to attend events such as these. I can’t wait to retire to St. George.

Remember Christ

carl_bloch_the_christNow that the business has been conducted, I turn to the subject at hand: Remember, specifically, remembering Christ. Even though I attend our local LDS Sacrament meeting with Carol each week, I also participate in the ordinance of the sacrament in my own home using wine each week. I do this for two reasons: First, to show the Lord I remember Him and am grateful for his voice unto me when I asked if I should be baptized. Second, to show I remember his sacrifice for me, that allowed me to have that “born again experience” in my youth when I was first brought into His presence.

You’ll note I include Carl Bloch’s rendering of the Savior and not Del Parson’s. No offense to Del, but my experience with the Savior is depicted more in Carl’s version. There is a softness and gentleness about the rendition that if different from the red robe version from Del. You’ll find a copy Del’s painting in just about every Bishop’s office of the LDS Church. There is a sternness to that version that bothers me. It causes me to think that Satan was also a son of God. Would they not appear similar?

Finally, a note to those many readers who have been so kind to me over the years, many sending me their books and some teaching me privately. I remember you and I remember your kindness. Please forgive me if anything I have written has harmed you or your faith in Christ in any way. I ask this because I know we will meet again, if not in this life, then on the other side of the veil. I remember you. I remember your kindness. I remember what you have shared. I especially appreciate the sacred experiences related in private. God bless us each in our work. There is much to do. I pray to God each day to find the strength and especially the time to do what I know He wants me to do: write and teach.

Private Sacrament Meetings

fishers-of-men2One of the quickest ways to get kicked out of the LDS Church is to participate in ordinances outside the order authorized in the Church Handbook. The Church frowns on people performing baptisms or holding Sacrament meetings without the Bishop’s permission. This restriction – this imposed control – was a contributing factor to my resignation from the Church almost a year ago.

I felt then, and still do, that not allowing someone to partake of the sacrament is anti-Christ. I had been participating in sacrament meetings that were not sanctioned by the Church. I also decided I wanted to get baptized again, a common practice in the early days of the LDS Church. Does it not strike you as odd, even evil, that an institution would forbid these ordinances of salvation?

When Christ visited the Americas in 3rd Nephi, one of the first things they did was to be baptized which, in the case of many, if not most, was a rebaptism. When one enters a new phase of life, especially spiritual life, it makes perfect sense to demonstrate that commitment through baptism. I am still amazed and disturbed the LDS Church considers this grounds for excommunication.

Spiritual Nourishment in the Community

fishers-of-men1Over the past year I have traveled great distances to be with fellow believers and share in the ordinance of the sacrament with them. Each has been a spiritual feast. Some I consider to be a highlight of my life. These sacraments in private homes and parks have fed my soul, brought peace and comfort to my heart and mind and helped me draw closer in appreciation to Christ.

This week I was blessed to participate in two such gatherings. For one I drove an hour and half after a full day at work to my old stake (LaVerne CA) to meet with friends in Claremont. We had a wonderful time in this act of fellowship talking of the gospel of Jesus Christ, hearing of each other’s welfare and supping on bread and wine blessed in remembrance of our Lord and Savior.

Today I traveled over the hill to my nearest neighbor in this new fellowship to strengthen a bond we had established nearly a year ago when we were baptized together in the Ventura harbor. We conversed for more than two hours about how things are going with this new movement, about our own efforts in coming unto Christ and what we see happening in the world around us today.

Significant Events in Sept 2015

In both these gatherings we discussed the widespread speculation that something major is going to happen next month, perhaps around the vernal equinox of September 23rd. There has been much discussion online of impending financial upset, which seems to occur every seven years. I think Rob expressed it best in Upward Thought: The World is Not Going to End in Sept 2015.

I shared this somewhere previously. It is a small sampling of interesting events next month:

1) Jade Helm 15 (7/15/15 to 9/15/2015)

2) The end of the Shemitah year on 9/13/2015 or Elul 29

3) An increase in speculation there will be a large economic down turn around this time frame

4) 9/14/2015 (Jewish New Year)

5) There will be a solar eclipse on 9/13/2015 as well

6) The fall equinox will take place on 9/23/2014

7) CERN tests taking place on 9/23 and 9/24

8) The last blood Moon of the four will occur on 9/28/2015

9) The feast of the tabernacles is also on 9/28/2015

10) Pope to Visit White House on 9/23/2015 (Day of Atonement)

He will then address Congress on 9/24/2015

And then on 9/25 he will address the UN

11) The French Foreign Minister said on 5/13/2014 standing next to John Kerry that “we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” (500 days from that date is 9/24/2015)

12) There seems to be a large amount of movies, songs, media and other entertainment sources that are subtly pointing to the week of 9/21 through 9/28/2015 being a very significant / interesting week.

The Lord said he placed the stars and planets in the heavens to be signs for man. I don’t begin to understand how to interpret the ordering of the heavens next month. I enjoy reading the insights of those who have studies such things for years, some who have made it their life’s work. I am enthralled by new science discoveries that seem to vindicate theories of the Electric Universe.

A Few Personal Observations

fishers-of-men3To me, these sacraments are representative of tying the knots in the net that has gathered some of the most awake and insightful people I have had the pleasure to meet, most online, and many in person at the lectures. With you, I look forward to obtaining Denver’s new book as soon as it is off the press, hopefully a little later this month. I want to read the new and expanded material.

I feel like I have come through a recent difficult period in my life, another test of many tests. It amazes me how the Lord knows exactly what weaknesses we need to overcome. Lately, my test has been in dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed. In my current employment we have grown tremendously over the past year. I have long needed to expand my small IT department.

I love being a mentor to those new to the IT field. Tech support is not an easy task. It can be a high-stress job with unrelenting demands from individuals who need help solving their technical issues. They don’t care how many other people are in the queue or how many projects you have to put aside to address their needs. It makes me wonder how God responds to our constant pleas.

Traveling to Minister to One Another

This will be a short post as it is late Sunday evening. I hope my life will get back to normal now that I have another individual on my team to share the burden. As I have discussed the needs of our growing company, my boss and I discussed the idea for a team of seven. It will be a few years before we get there, all dependent on growth. There’s something about a group of seven…

Because we are spread out so far here in Southern California, I have decided I need to make a greater effort to visit those who have been baptized or who have joined in our online efforts to share what we know to the fulfillment of prophecy happening right before our eyes. We know we are looked upon as outcasts and apostate by members of the LDS Church. I’m okay with that.

I consider the small groups here in Southern California to be small churches. In some cases it is only one of a family. If we include Northern California, we add a few more complete families. Interestingly, I count seven small groups in California right now. I admire those of you who are participating in groups there in Utah, Idaho and Arizona. God bless these churches as we grow.

Call for Tithing Conference

money-pitThis is the initial call for conference for a worldwide Conference on Tithing Experiences.

On 4-12-14 an invitation was extended to gather into fellowships and begin a tithing experiment. We were encouraged to govern ourselves and avoid contention and jarrings in caring for the poor among us and in distribution of tithing funds. We have had over a year to work out the kinks in each of our own fellowships and to put enough experience behind us to have established good hindsight of our own successes and failures.

As individual voices in our groups we have worked forward and learned what worked best for us and what caused problems. We have had time to iron out wrinkles in our process. Each fellowship has had their own methods and unique challenges.

The purpose of this conference is to facilitate communication between the fellowships.  Perhaps a particular solution found by one group is fitting for another, or there were problems that have been worked though by one group that another is just beginning to experience and council can be given and accepted. Again, the purpose is to facilitate communication, that we may be closer and more towards one body.

Malachi3What this conference is NOT:

This is not a call to further organize or hasten anything. This is not a call to discover a “right” way or a “wrong” way. What worked well for one group may be disastrous for another. This is not a call to correlate. This is not a call to organize funds, although of course individual fellowships are free to work together if one group is experiencing a surplus and another overwhelming need.

This call for conference is the initial call, asking that those who wish to participate can share a voice in the organization of the conference. As the purpose of the conference is to facilitate communication, we are looking at options to increase participation outside of a physical gathering, although that will occur. There have been suggestions of podcasts afterwards, webcast of Conference, web conference, transcripts of talks, etc..

If you are interested in having a voice in the organizational effort please have a representative contact us at or use our contact page

jesus-healing-blind-manThis call to conference was put forth by Remnant Ministry fellowship, second by Little Zion. Note from Little Zion: We don’t like any formal meetings. We don’t like any control. We don’t like any leaders. That is what we have felt in our group. But we love all you guys so if you wanna hang for a weekend and talk about the gospel, then we’re game.


A Report from the Grand Mesa Retreat

grand-mesa-topAlthough I’ve seen a few reports of the retreat in various Facebook groups, only one offered impressions of the opening session. I would like to share a few thoughts about what took place that night. As I write this first part on Saturday afternoon, the majority of the people attending the retreat are up on the Mesa. After prayer, I decided to not go up there with such a large group.

I was on the Mesa Friday in between storms. It was beautiful, quiet and peaceful. It felt sacred. The Mesa is under a three-day winter storm warning. As I look up there this afternoon I see dark storm clouds. I wonder if it’s snowing. The schedule called for the men to go up there to practice giving blessings to one another and, if lead, to prophecy, similar to the school of the prophets.

These are good things to do. My difficulty is with the weather. I’m an old man and am not sure I could stand in the snow for hours upon hours. I know the Mesa is a sacred place. You can read much about it on various sites, especially those that describe the Native American legends and myths of the mesa. For example, Google “Legend of Grand Mesa.” There are several good links.

Inspiring Speakers, Uplifting Music, Sacred Dance

horah-dance-weddingThe Friday night session was enjoyable. It was well attended. My estimate is there were well over a hundred and fifty adults present, perhaps as many as two hundred. Arrangements were made for the children to be cared for in another location. There were four speakers presenting, each one enjoyable and uplifting. There was also sacred music and yes, sacred dancing as well.

You may recall the kerfuffle about the idea of sacred dance. Marti Grobecker introduced it to us in a most delightful way. I was standing in the back of the room, next to Bret, when she began speaking. In the middle of her presentation she stopped, looked directly at me and said, “You can’t quote this on your blog, Tim.” Everyone laughed. I promised her I would not quote her.

However, I didn’t say anything about describing the dance. It was lovely. So many people came up to the stage she had to split them into two dances. It’s basically a circle dance – circles within circles, with each circle going in the opposite direction. She described the purpose of the dance is to move the angels to attend and to bless. Those in the center of the circle receive more energy.

Sacred Dance – Historical Precedence

In the packet each participant received upon arriving was a copy of Marti’s paper on dance, a copy of Bret and Samantha’s book, Unequally Yoked, the schedule, directions to venues and music we would be singing. Here is a link to a PDF of the handout. Marti was kind enough to provide the document in a PDF format for anyone to download.

From my point of view, the dancing was one of the highlights of the evening. It seems everyone wanted to participate. There were only a dozen or so left in their seats. I even went up there with the intention of dancing but it was simply too crowded. I stood by and clapped with the music, a sort of Jewish tune. It reminded me of a Jewish wedding, but the music was NOT Hava Nagila.

Rock_Waterman_SayingsBy the way, Rock was the first speaker. He gave a delightful talk on being born of the spirit and how it had influenced his and Connie’s lives. After Marti’s dance presentation and a wonderful rendition of Beautiful Savior, Jacqueline Olson, who had traveled from Arizona to attend my baptism last year, spoke about getting to know Christ, his personality and how he speaks with us.


Brought Together Through the Internet

RemnantFamilyReunionFinally, Larry Winn spoke about his experiences in coming unto Christ. He sang for us and had us sing along toward the end. The feeling I got was similar to what happens in many missionary farewells as the audience sings, “God be With You.” I then offered the benediction, thanking the Lord for teaching us about sacred dance. I asked Him to bless Bret and Samantha for all they did.

At this point I’d like to refer you to Scott Stover’s account of the remainder of the conference. He came in just as we were singing Beautiful Savior. I agree with his observation that it sounded like angels, probably because of the high soprano descant. For me, the evening was a moving worship experience. The focus was Christ, hearing his voice, singing and dancing praise to Him.

I was happy to see so many familiar faces from the lectures last year or from their online profile pictures. Many of my favorite bloggers were there: Will (200 Words or Less), Joe (Just and True), Rock (Pure Mormonism), Adrian (To the Remnant), Jules (My Journey to the Fullness), Anonymous Bishop, Scott Stover (The Gospel according to Scoot) and Bret (77 Truths).

Protecting the Higher Elevations

winter-storm-warningI have to comment a bit more on the weather. Take a look at This short post on Bare Record of Truth on the weather forecast for the weekend of the retreat. A three-day winter storm warning in May on the same three exact days of the retreat seems quite the coincidence. The result was that the men were not able to go on the hike to the higher elevations of the Mesa.

Although I’ve only been up there once in my life, I felt like I was treading on sacred ground. I stopped at the visitor center, which was closed due to the snow and at the Grand Mesa lodge where I bought a gift for Carol. From what I understand, the men gathered in these two spots for their Saturday meetings up on the Mesa. They could go no higher because of the snow and mud.

I apologize to Bret for not being there Saturday. He had asked me to lead one of the groups, but in prayer that morning I had an unsettled feeling. I left early Sunday to meet Carol back in Provo but before I left I heard various reports that the meetings on the Mesa went well, even if all the participants were freezing their tail feathers off. I’m glad the experience went well for everyone.

Spiritual Experiences as a Group

grand-mesa-visitor-centerAs I finish this post it’s Monday afternoon. I’ve had some time to think about the retreat. In my estimation it was a success. It brought people together who had much in common. There was a sense of peace and unity, light and enlightenment, and a wonderful sense of worship and praise. But I keep thinking back to one of the six questions I didn’t get to ask of Denver on Wednesday.

“If an individual has met with the Lord, he will want to go out and bless his fellowman. So fellowships are important, yet it seems the actual rising up is an individual effort. Can you help me understand how the two work together?” It is similar to another question about fellowships he had answered previously so we skipped this one. What we did this weekend was a retreat.

I think Bret’s intent was to create a setting for people to have “spiritual experiences.” I put that in quotes because I have been pondering the idea of group spiritual experiences lately. Salvation is obtained from the Lord in repenting, receiving the ordinance of baptism and continuing to do all we possibly can to receive the Holy Ghost. These are individual efforts, but we serve in a group.

Individual Effort and Group Fellowship

OneHeartOneMindAbout having asked the Lord about this and hearing Denver’s answer, I think the optimum size for a fellowship, or a church, is perhaps as few as fifty people, surely no more than one hundred. What we participated in this weekend was labeled a retreat. It was not a conference in the sense that although I heard there were some baptisms, nobody was ordained or sustained in the priesthood.

Correction: Sustainings did indeed take place as noted in the comments. I was not there Sunday because of my desire to be with my wife, who continues to struggle with this whole movement and my involvement in it. I obviously missed some wonderful experiences. I will be reading Bret’s book for ideas on how I can deal with this lack of unity in my marriage. Thanks to several readers for the correction.

The work of salvation is both an individual effort – prayer, gospel study, repentance – as well as a group effort – service, paying tithing and meeting each other’s needs. The Retreat was good, but I kept wondering what purpose it served. Bret said it was called by Christ and I believe him but what was accomplished to build up his people? Well, we enjoyed each other’s fellowship.

I believe there were several group sacrament services – remember, I left on Sunday morning. I hope they were sacred experiences for all those who participated. If you feel inspired to share, I would like to hear how things went with the Sunday services. Did you go away filled? Was the retreat worth your time and the travel expense involved? Were you uplifted by the experience?

The Ordinance of the Sacrament

BreadAndWineWithout providing too much detail I would like to share what I feel was one of the most sacred experiences of my life. By invitation, I stayed in the home of an individual there in Cedaredge Friday and Saturday night. I started a three-day fast Friday morning so did not participate in the wonderful barbeque that was provided on Saturday. After the barbeque we had the sacrament.

I would say there were twenty to twenty-five of us present for the first round of the sacrament. Just as we were finishing, another twenty individuals showed up. We had the sacrament again. This time I was honored to perform the ordinance. After this, we had a few short testimonies from a few individuals as requested by our host. I was one of them. It was, to me, very sacred.

From many, many years of serving as a gospel doctrine teacher, a high counselor, or primary teacher, I have learned there are times the Lord can use me as a conduit to express his feelings for the individuals in the class. The same thing has happened hundreds of times when setting someone apart or giving a priesthood blessing. The love of the Lord flows through me to others.

Expressing the Love of the Lord

This was one of those occasions. We each have different gifts. Some have one. Some have many. Some come naturally. Some must be developed. Some are given without much more than asking. Others are only given after years of preparation. For me, this was one of those times where I felt the Lord had prepared me for this moment. I am grateful for the inspiration of my host in asking.

Now I don’t know if anyone else felt it, and perhaps it was the wine talking, but my heart was glad and I felt to express the love of the Lord for all present. I opened my mouth to do so and it was filled with words from the Lord in blessing all those present. Again, perhaps I was the only one who felt it, but the Lord was with me as power in the priesthood flowed through me to them.

I know it doesn’t sound like much as I read it on my computer screen, but as I thanked the Lord later that evening in personal prayer, He let me know that is why I had been invited and why He had inspired me to go to the retreat – so I could express love to those who were present for their efforts to travel and to participate in this retreat that He directed Bret to organize at this time.

The Retreat Was Pleasing to the Lord

unequally-yokedThat’s it. The post is open for discussion. You can argue what we did and what we experienced could have been felt within the confines of the LDS Church. I disagree. You can argue we are all apostates who partook of the sacrament without it being authorized by a local bishop. I also disagree with that. Say what you want. I was there. I know what I felt. It was a good thing.

Thank you Bret and Samantha, Rock and Connie, Marti, Jacqueline, Scott, Adrian and all those who helped out in the child care, the youth activities, the music, the venues, the sound system, the contributions to help those travelling from long distances and all the behind the scenes stuff. I know we didn’t get up to the higher elevations, but I believe the hand of the Lord was in that too.

Thanks Bret for letting me offer the prayer, for letting me help with the editing of the book and for helping this California native feel welcome so far from home. And to my unnamed host who allowed me to sleep on his couch, as I said privately, I don’t think I’ve had such a good night’s sleep – two nights in a row, as I did in your home. Truly, you are a man blessed of the Lord.


A Visit with Denver Snuffer

40-years-in-mormonismKnowing I would be on vacation in Northern Utah this week, I asked Denver for the opportunity to meet with him to clarify a few questions I had been pondering from the Mesa lecture and his talk on Plural Marriage a few months ago. He was gracious in allowing me to do so, as well as to record it and use it here on my blog.

I want to emphasize Denver has no spokesman. I am not trying to interpret what he has said. I simply want to understand the message a little better. I realized I would not have time to transcribe his responses, so I decided to make the MP3 recording available online if you want to listen to it on your drive to the retreat this weekend.

Fellowships and Churches

I hope to share a few additional posts based on the 100 minutes of the interview, but I want to mention two things now that impressed me about our time together. First, I was impressed with how much he deemphasized his role in all this. You will hear him mention several times, this is not about him. Focus on the Savior.

Second, and this was a major light bulb moment for me, you’ll hear him refer to the churches that are forming. I called them fellowships. He calls them churches just as the New Testament authors did when writing letters to the churches in the years following the death and resurrection of the Savior. That clarifies so much.

Transcription Not Yet Is Now Available

After I listened to the recording I realized I didn’t enunciate clearly on some of the questions. Others we did not read in the interest of time, so I have included them below. There were originally twenty questions prepared but we only had time for fourteen of them. Maybe someday we can ask him for his answers on the last six.

Original source material is always best when digging into a topic. Thus, I felt it appropriate to make the recording available to those who are interested. I think you’ll find the answers provided amplify some of the main points shared in PTHG as well as the Phoenix lecture. If anyone wants to transcribe this, please do so.

Update: Not one, but two readers have transcribed the Q&A session. I include them both in links below. One of the readers even sent the transcription to Denver for his review. He added some clarification and additional material from his notes that didn’t make it into the original session due to time constraints.

Transcript One:

Transcript Two:

Link to the MP3:
Note: The file is 60MB. It’s best to right-click on the link to download it.

One: In a recent talk (3-22-15) on plural marriage, you said (page 39), “There have been many signs given by God that He was about to do something new from the time of the death of Joseph Smith till today. All that was left at the end was for a witness to be appointed, to come to declare, ‘Now it has come to an end.’ In the last talk in the ten lecture series I said, the witness has now come, and I am he. It has come to an end with something new now begun. One of the signs of it having come to an end was the passing of Eldred Smith.”

Will you elaborate on the significance of the passing of Patriarch Eldred G. Smith on April 4, 2013 and how or why we should take this as a sign that something has come to an end? In particular, what has come to an end? You are declaring you are a witness of an end-time event. This seems vital. What is that event, how are you a witness, why is it important for us to recognize this event and how should we, or how do you think God expects us to acknowledge such an event in our own lives?

Two: In the lecture on Christ, the Prototype of the Saved Man given in Ephraim (6-28-14), you said, “…either I am a liar, and you ought to forget everything I’ve said, or I have been sent by someone greater than I am. If I have been sent and you reject and quibble over the things I declare to you, it is at your peril! It ought to be that way. I ought to be damned if I’m a pretender, and I ought to be damned and rejected by God if I’m saying things about which I know nothing! But I bear witness to you I know what I’m talking about. I have no reason to lie to you. I have no reason to pay to reserve a place to speak to you, and ask nothing of you but to listen. It requires a sacrifice to do what I am doing. I have no other reason to do this than to tell you the truth. Joseph Smith testified to these things and I am come as a second witness. Therefore you now have two proclaiming the same doctrine.”

You bring up Joseph Smith. Joseph testified the heavens are open. He bore witness of God the Father and His Son as two separate and distinct personages possessing glorified and perfected bodies. He also testified he was an instrument in the hands of Christ to bring about a restoration of things hidden since before the foundation of the world. You say you know what you are talking about. Do you mean this in the same sense Joseph Smith declared his knowledge, that it was received through revelation, vision and the visits of angels? As a second witness, how is the Savior working through you to continue the restoration He began through Joseph Smith?

Three: In the Phoenix or Mesa lecture (9-9-14), you stated, “The Lord has said to me in His own voice, ‘I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.’ Therefore, I want to caution those who disagree with me, to feel free, to feel absolutely free to make the case against what I say. Feel free to disagree, and make your contrary arguments. If you believe I err, then expose the error and denounce it. But take care; take care about what you say concerning me for your sake, not for mine. I live with constant criticism. I can take it. But I do not want you provoking Divine ire by unfortunately chosen words if I can persuade you against it.”

In Genesis 12:3, The Lord said unto Abraham, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee.” Abraham was further blessed to be the father of many nations, that in him “shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Abraham was a prophet. Isaac and Jacob were prophets. Abraham referred to the Fathers going back to Adam. You spoke about that in the talk on plural marriage and elsewhere. It seems there is something significant about connecting to the Fathers. Abraham was a patriarch. The LDS Church no longer has a presiding patriarch, or even such an office. Is there a patriarch on the earth today who can connect us to the Fathers?

Four: In the same lecture, you quoted from your journal, describing the disciplinary process you went through, your appeal and the significance of section 121 which contains the phrase, “Amen to the priesthood of that man.” You then read, “Last general conference (April 2014), the entire First Presidency, the 12, the 70, and all other general authorities and auxiliaries, voted to sustain those who abused their authority in casting me out of the church. At that moment, the Lord ended all claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to claim it is led by the priesthood. They have not practiced what He requires. The Lord has brought about His purposes. This has been in His heart all along.”

This is an astounding declaration. It has been the subject of much discussion on the forums and blogs. It was and is a difficult thing for many LDS members to hear or read. FAIR and other apologetic sites have fallen all over themselves to show how impossible such a claim can be. The idea of a modern, living prophet, authorized and in possession of all priesthood keys held by Joseph is the bedrock of the LDS Church claims to be God’s kingdom on earth today. Your claim evokes emotional distress in some who consider it. It’s been a while since this declaration came out. Is there anything you would add now to help multi-generational members of the LDS Church deal with such a devastating, all-encompassing foundational claim?

Five: You have proclaimed God has ended the way he works with his children on the earth today. You have announced yourself to be a witness of this fundamental change. You have declared yourself a second witness of the many works of God through the prophet Joseph Smith. You have reaffirmed the importance of the Patriarchal Priesthood, the law of adoption or sealing to the Fathers in the family of God. You have announced the LDS Church can no longer claim to be led by the priesthood of God, virtually making it no different from any other church today.

Yet the title and focus of the last lecture in the series “Forty Years in Mormonism” is “Preserving the Restoration.” You have counseled those who have accepted this message and you as the Lord’s servant, witness or messenger in this great change, to be baptized. Specifically, you quoted 3 Nephi 11:26-27 and said, “I am telling you in the name of the Lord that commandment is renewed again by Him today, to you. This is His command … confirmed again today.” Thousands of individuals have been baptized at your invitation. Will you elaborate on how your declarations and baptismal invitation preserve the restoration, as opposed to tearing it down?

Six: You proclaimed Jesus Christ has revealed Himself to you. You declared you have seen Him, embraced Him and have been given specific assignments of things to teach, which you have done at your own expense in publications and lectures. The focus of these teachings is the establishment of Zion. You have counseled those who wish to prepare for Zion to institute fellowships for gathering and practicing the principles of Zion, specifically to use tithing as a means to help the poor. You have taught there is to be no new church, no legal entity to receive and centrally manage funds and property, yet you acknowledge the need for a temple.

A new website has been established for a central recorder, where those who have been baptized are encouraged to submit their names. The purpose of this gathering of names is to present them to the Lord in a temple. You said in Mesa, “We do not need numerous temples, but we will need one to which Christ can come. We will not need to perform endless work for the dead until first there has been a covenant made for us. We must be first connected to the fathers in heaven. Only then can we do something to liberate the dead.” You have already taught much on the sealing to the fathers, but will you take a moment to elaborate on the difference between the visit of Christ to an individual and the visit of Christ to a temple yet to be built?

Seven: I have heard your say, and read in many places in your books and on your blog, you dislike the public attention received as a result of performing the assignments given you by the Lord. You’ve been emphatic we should not replace one idol with another. Yet the people look to you for leadership. For example, in the Phoenix lecture you provided some direction on tithing, the sacrament, ordinations, worship or fellowship groups, and in particular, the requirement that the approval of seven women is needed to sustain a man in performing ordinances in public. You also said a man was unworthy – the Lord’s word – if his wife will not sustain him.

In the Jewish tradition, when questions arise, everyone turns to the Rabbi. In the LDS Church, local leaders consult the handbook or turn to a General Authority for help with difficult procedural questions. You have stated you don’t like the term used by some – Snufferites – to describe those who read your writings. You have made it clear every man should have a sufficiently strong relationship with the Lord to get answers to procedural and doctrinal questions. Yet, you are the one the Lord sent as a servant, witness or messenger to declare the orderly dismantling of the established hierarchy. Does that not make you a prophet and de-facto leader?

Eight: A follow-up to the last question about the need for leadership in this movement can be illustrated by a recent post from Keith on the Recorder’s blog. In there he noted some people are submitting names of children baptized as young as five years old. The scriptures specifically teach the age of accountability is eight years old. He also noted the fact that some baptisms are being submitted for recording as having been performed by a woman. He quoted, again from the Phoenix lecture, your statement about priesthood being confined to men because of the Fall. You elaborated much on the idea there are so many opportunities for believers to go off the rails. I see it all the time when we discuss doctrinal questions on my blog.

For example, the worship of Mother in Heaven is a subject about which some people feel very strongly. They advocate a practice – a sacred dance – in which the objective is for a manifestation of divine favor. Specifically, they look for, expect, and report they have experienced the presence of Heavenly Mother in their ritual. This is similar to what happened with the children of Israel when Moses was up on the mountain for forty days communing with the Lord. In the end, Moses wore himself out because he had to judge every little thing that came before the people. What is the right way? How will the Lord provide leadership for His people who are awaiting His return? I’m looking for a practical answer here, not idealism.

Nine: You have declared we have an opportunity to bring about the conditions for Zion. You had proclaimed the Lord is willing and ready to help individuals and groups prepare themselves to become the kind of people who can be sealed to the Fathers, join with the City of Enoch when the Lord comes and not be burned at His coming. Joseph tried to accomplish this in his day. The people, he said, were too thick skulled to accept the things he wanted to teach them. They would fly all to pieces, he said, at the first hint of something not held in their orthodox tradition.

The response to some of the things you have tried to teach has been similar, even though you have taught them from the scriptures. Change is hard for most people, especially when it involves changing long-held beliefs that are mostly tradition. One of the most difficult things for the LDS people to accept is the idea that the Lord could possibly have had in mind what you have declared has taken place. In particular, Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is interpreted by most LDS folks to mean the LDS Church IS the kingdom of God, that it IS Zion and that they are the chosen people. How do you help closed-minded people who are steeped in tradition open their eyes to the idea of non-traditional possibilities?

Ten: I’d like to end this first section of questions with something near and dear to my heart and that is the pursuit of personal spiritual communication with the Lord. I have delighted in your focus and emphasis from your first book that we can and should seek and audience with the Lord. You have declared He is willing to come to us in a literal, physical sense and that we can come into His presence, embrace Him and be taught by Him personally. If there is anything that gives more power to your teachings than your declaration you have seen Him, I don’t know what it is.

In my own pursuit of an audience with the Savior I rely on a sacred dream received shortly after I read The Second Comforter for the first time. Without going into any detail, the dream satisfied my desire to know when I could expect to enter into the presence of the Lord. In interpreting my dream, which I prayed to understand, it is not soon. I have years of work ahead of me – years of faithful and diligent effort to do as the Lord asks. And He has asked things of me, some of them very difficult. I note some people looking to unusual sources for inspiration and help – Shamans, questionable scripture, etc. I know you’re asked this all the time, but if you don’t mind, what counsel would you give for my readers who are anxiously seeking an audience with the Lord, and have become weary with the length of the process?

Eleven: May I share something? This is from a fellowship community member in Arizona. It’s called “River Church.” I’d like to know your impressions after hearing it if this is what you had in mind when you talked about organizing:

“What a beautiful day. The water was so clear I could see the bottom. The sun was bright and warm. I arrived at the Waters of Mormon about 4pm. As I walked down the bluff, I could see many people going in the water. So many were gathered at the edge of the water cheering and clapping. It was a magnificent scene for sure.

“As I arrived, so many of you greeted me with warmth and kindness. It was like the first time walking through the veil into the celestial room with loved ones there to greet the newly endowed. Such a feeling of peace and acceptance. Thank you. I counted about 33 members of our community there.

“The most wonderful part of the afternoon was right after the bread and wine were blessed and passed. There was such a wonderful feeling in the group. It was so quiet, just children playing in the distance and toddlers cooing. The rest of the group sat earnestly as the waters rushed by.

“Right then I was in the moment. I pushed myself to take mental note. A wonderful experience to hold in my memory. For all my life I will remember that wonderful moment. This morning a word came to me to describe the feeling of that moment: ‘solemn’. I hope many more of you will join us in the future. I love river church.”

Twelve: Daryl’s group is just one of dozens of communities organized in a tithing and fellowship group. However, as far as I can tell, most of these fellowships are only along the Mormon Corridor, specifically in the areas where you presented the lectures. I know some have created webpages to help interested people connect to one another in a specific geographic region. In my case in Southern California, our fellowship is very, very loose with participants ranging from Alaska to San Diego.

I see the movement growing. I imagine you get a lot of emails from people asking about organizing and fellowshipping. You gave good counsel in the Mesa lecture when you suggested our time would be well spent if we did nothing more than read the scriptures – printed version – to one another and pray together. Will you share a little more about why fellowships are so important in bringing unity to the church?

Thirteen: I love the heading on your old blog, “The content of this blog presumes you are already familiar with Denver Snuffer’s books. Careful explanations given in the books lay the foundation for what is contained here. If you read this blog without having first read his books, then you assume responsibility for your own misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the writer’s intent. Please do not presume to judge Mr. Snuffer’s intentions if you have not first read his books.”

From the Wikipedia page created about you: “Snuffer claims his intentions are faith-promoting: ‘I have loved every minute of being a Mormon since I joined the church in September 1973 in New Hampshire,’ he says. ‘I am actually advocating activity and fidelity to the Mormon church.’ Snuffer claims that he intended Passing the Heavenly Gift and his other works to promote loyalty to the LDS Church.” Have your intentions changed? Do you still advocate LDS Members stay faithful and active in their wards and stakes? How can they do that and yet accept the invitation to be baptized which was renewed at the conclusion of the lectures?

Fourteen: From page four of the Mesa lecture: “The Holy Ghost does not thrill you, it informs you. It gives you understanding. … thrilling music can rouse you. A great TV show can get you thrilled and feeling goose bumps. That is not the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost enlightens your mind, it enlivens your senses, it brings light into your life, and you understand something anew. There are some people who have the Spirit with them in such a degree, that to be in their presence is to understand things better. Understanding, comprehension, light and truth—these are the Holy Ghost, not emotion, thrills and goose bumps.” (See DS blog 1-21-15 for more)

I can’t tell you how many times I have been in LDS Church meetings and heard the individual offering the invocation say, “Please bless that we will feel the spirit in our meetings today.” I can’t begin to recount the number of testimonies I have heard where the person sharing their thoughts becomes emotional, and states they are feeling the spirit so strongly. I suppose this is based on our interpretation of D&C 8:2 (mind and heart) and D&C 9:8 (bosom shall burn). Are you saying the Holy Ghost NEVER causes one to feel emotional? I have felt strong emotion in prayer that I attribute to the presence of the Holy Ghost. Isn’t that the comforter?


The Truth about the Retreat

RemnantFamilyReunionOver the past week there has been a great deal of misunderstanding and accusation concerning the Remnant Family Reunion. It is time for this drama and divisive contention to end. It is time to clarify truth amongst all of the chaos and rumor.

For the purpose of placing our focus back on the Lord Jesus Christ. And for the purpose of clarifying error, so that we might all move forward, I offer the following:

In November of 2014, I was directed by the Lord to facilitate a “Remnant Family Reunion.” Since that time He has given me some direction through the Holy Spirit concerning this event. These messages have been received in the usual manner-and are simply the result of sincere prayer.

This morning, I went to the Lord and first begged Him to forgive me of my sins. Then I  simply said: “Oh Lord, what would thou have me say or do? Direct me, and I will obey. Lead me, and I will follow.”

JesusChristDelParsonThe Lord Responded: “A revelation will not be provided, so that it might be mocked and create more mourning among this people…I will however continue to speak unto you and unto all of my children, for I am a God of Mercy and I love you all.”

“As your Savior, I have travailed the darkness of wrath, and each of you, who walk after me, must do the same. Fear not, to abandon fear. For in so doing, you find Me.”

“I see all things, and know your heart. I see all things, and I know the heart of Samantha. Carry on, focusing on me, and I will bring you home to a place you have not yet known.”

“Those who have eyes to see, will see…Let the residue go.”

“Those who have hearts to hear, have already heard, and already seen the Majesty and Power of My Father.”

“I allow you to answer once, but I forbid you from rebuking evil at this time. For my ways are not your ways, and in me the course is sure.”

Bret: Is there anything else Lord you would have me say?

The Lord: “Tell the people watching, that you do not speak for me. That I speak for myself through each of you. That I am both the Father and the Son, that in me, we might become ONE.”

“Tell them, that they need not rely on any man, for if they do, the gates of hell will swallow them whole, leaving the Zion that could have come, desolate and bare.”

And finally, tell them that my angels are watching, that they might know who to “watch over,” when the destructions come and the people flee.”

Tell them these things Bret, and if the gates of hell open wide the mouth after thee, know thou my son, it is for thy good, and I will lead you home.”


77TruthsI understand that sharing this message will invoke more judgment and harassment from those who are under the influence of darkness. I cannot control the misinterpretations and persecution that some choose to inflict. However, I can do, and will do, exactly what the Lord directs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

With that acknowledged, the Lord allows me to clarify some issues at this time. These words that follow are my own-and they are not perfect. So I ask in advance that you forgive me for my weakness. With my wife, we have prayed for the pure love of Christ to overcome our wounds and selfishness. What is written below is our best effort to share the truth, without creating more contention.

Clarification #1:  God is truth, and there is great peace in Him. In relation to attending this Retreat, I have repeatedly pled with people to go directly to the Lord for confirmation. Many beautiful souls have felt led to come, and many beautiful souls have not felt led to come. Follow Him. Do as he leads you, and for those who believe this gathering is all an inappropriate deception, I say again: Go in peace and serve the Lord as He so directs you! We send you only His good will and best wishes.

Clarification #2: There will be no apologies for what the Lord has spoken. There will be no minimizations of what He has directed. I cannot own the exaggerations and intentional distortions which have been promulgated. It is important that those who are coming know  nothing has been “dialed back” in response to these fears and rumors. God willing, the Retreat will go on exactly as the Lord has directed. Ironically, and as an example of the insanity we have all endured, there never was going to be a “honeycomb dance” at the Retreat. There was then, and is now, going to be sacred Jewish dance that introduces the participants to the sacred beauty of worshipping through the vehicle of praise. I must say, some of us Remnant Saints tend to think we are “out of the box,” but then when  something greater is simply introduced, we still fly to pieces like glass. No wonder Joseph struggled and struggled with the early Saints, but despite our weakness and unbelief, all that God has directed continues to be provided. No apologies. No compromise. No fear.

Clarification #3 My wife Samantha is a Holy Being of Light. If the Lord would allow me, I would rebuke all evil away from her, nevertheless, I submit to His wisdom and simply witness that my wife is respectful of sacred things. In contrast to what was reported, she does not trifle with that which is holy. If there is anyone to blame, it is me. Last year when our family visited Lynne and her husband, we had a nice conversation. Because Lynne was so obsessed with deception and everything relating to Heavenly Mother, and because I had tasted some of the Holiness that attends the Honeycomb event, I had a strong desire to share with Lynne that not everything occurring in relation to Heavenly Mother was a deception. In my desire to offer an alternative perspective, I encouraged / pushed Samantha to share some of her experiences. This was a mistake on my part, and even though my wife spoke very little about the honeycomb, (probably less than three minutes), Lynne has now taken those “sound-bites” out of context and turned them into a mockery of fear. If you must blame someone, blame me. Samantha is Holy. I am the one who in the past has been impatient and impulsive. I do not believe Lynne has intentionally done this, but I do believe her wounds and fears about being deceived overcome her words and actions. Perhaps all of us, including myself, could now go forward-and leave the judging to the Lord.

Clarification #4 Language is powerful, and much of what I shared with Lynne on a personal basis has been distorted and exaggerated. I want to clarify that when the Lord commanded this Retreat to occur, He suggested that there would be 8 Speakers. I immediately hoped Denver Snuffer could be one of them, but the Spirit said “no.” I then hoped that I could speak, and the Spirit again said “no,” I was told that I was to facilitate this event and testify with the group when led to do so. Then the names of those who were called to speak came very clearly. It was direct and it was exact. Lynne McKinley was one of those names, and I have no regrets in obeying the Spirit and asking her to speak. I did not know at the time she would choose to play this role, but the Lord did, and so the wisdom of God plays out before us. He is the Master of this storm and every storm! In Him, the miscommunications and misleading assumptions become clear and discernible. In Him, truth prevails.

Clarification #5. We all have a testimony of Christ, we all have personal revelation, and we all need to become prophets and prophetesses within our own ministries. Instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator, and living in constant fear of having a “strongman,” wouldn’t it be wise for all of us to instead be strong in the Lord?

When I write of the Lord personally talking to me, or calling me, or giving me a message to share, it is indeed very personal. With that said, if it helps the reader in some way, I have not yet received the Second Comforter in the flesh and I do not claim an interest in leading anyone. I mean I have to laugh, haven’t we all had enough of organized religion? Haven’t we all had enough of some leader mistakenly thinking we need them? In response to this “strongman” stuff, I say: Go to God, stop projecting your issues onto me, and I assure you that in response, I will honor your personal and unique experience with the Father. (I shouldn’t write this, but I can’t help myself. I mean can you imagine trying to “lead” Rock Waterman? It just isn’t going to happen!…In response, I say smiles to all, let’s move forward. Go in peace as the Captain of your own soul!) There is no strongman here.

Clarification #6:  Finally, there are so many accusations and distortions floating around out there, I can only respond to most of them in this summarized manner.

  • We are not attempting to establish Zion, but we are attempting to repent deeper, that in time we might be gathered by the Lord and His Angels, unto His Zion.
  • We are not interested in starting a new church, but we are interested in being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We do not all have an LDS background, but we are all committed to Preserving the Restoration and receiving the Truth of All Things.
  • We are not rushing up the pass, but we do intend to contribute to the sacred nature of the Grand Mesa. If you feel like it is inappropriate to gather on the Mesa, then honor that intuition within you, and follow Him in your way.
  • We are not taking our eyes off the Savior, but we do acknowledge our Mighty Father and our Holy Mother. Without apology, and without omission.
  • I am not deceived, but I am not the point, and it doesn’t matter if it looks that way to others.
  • I was gratefully rebuked by Denver Snuffer, (but for the hundredth time), his correction was not about this Retreat. The fact that this continues to be used against me is quite amazing, and another example of how honest communication with those who have an agenda is impossible.
  • It is true that this Retreat is not a party, and it is not just a social gathering. Those who come out of curiosity, or to fault-find, will experience exactly what they expected. If you come in a spirit of fear and fault-finding, you will go home spiritually empty. In comparison, those who come to Know God, and be lifted up by His Spirit and His angels, will experience that also. One of the great ironies about all of this chaos, is that in reality this retreat has nothing to do with men, leaders, speakers, and people, and everything to do with your personal relationship with the Divine. For the last time, if the Lord hasn’t led you to come, please go in peace and serve Him in another way. You will not be comfortable here in this space. Let it be understood: I will not own your criticisms, and I will not own your self-sabotage. If you come to destroy, you will destroy yourself. I have my own sins, and will not carry yours. My wife and I have no agenda or need, or attachment to having anyone come to this Retreat. If necessary, Samantha and I will go up the mountain alone, and in fact, in many ways, we already have. For in the end, all of us journey unto The Christ alone. He is the miracle, and nothing less will do.

Clarification #7: In closing, I want to share a personal witness about the Lord and this Remnant Family Reunion.

A long time ago, when the plans for the Retreat were just coming into focus. My wife and I knew that we would be misunderstood and misjudged.

This past week has reminded us of another time-when we stood before the High Council at our church trial and assured the brethren that we as a church were not being loyal to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During the excommunication process we read from scripture, while they referred to the church policy manual. We testified of Christ, while they talked about the brethren. It was really quite telling, and the Lord smiled on us all. At the end our church court, the vote to end my church membership was not unanimous, and now the “Alma” which sat on the High Council – who had opposed the decision, will also be worshipping with us in May,

But the greater point, is not about our life experience. Rather it is about how the Lord suggested I end the church trial, and how He now suggests I end this message.

Trust in the Keeper of the Gate

O, my beloved brethren, give ear to my words. Remember the greatness of the Holy One of Israel. Do not say that I have spoken hard things against you; for if ye do, ye will revile against the truth; for I have spoken the words of your Maker. I know that the words of truth are hard against all uncleanness; but the righteous fear them not, for they love the truth and are not shaken. O then, my beloved brethren, come unto the Lord, the Holy One. Remember that his paths are righteous. Behold, the way for man is narrow, but it lieth in a straight course before him, and the keeper of the gate is the Holy One of Israel; and he employeth no servant there; and there is none other way save it be by the gate; for he cannot be deceived, for the Lord God is his name.

2 Nephi 9:40-41

For surely! Holy, Holy, Holy, is our Lord!

A long time ago, Samantha and I determined that we would trust in the Mighty Keeper of the Gate!  We promised that when He spoke, we would do His will, enact His direction, and share His message.

We make no apologies. We offer no minimizations. There will be no compromise.

And so it is.

Now and forever in The Christ,

Bret and Samantha Corbridge


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