An Interview with Minority of One

????????1) Why did you choose “Minority Of One” as an online ID? Can you explain the significance of that ID? You disclosed a few details of your identity early on. Why use an online ID instead of your real name?

“Minority Of One” was a spur of the moment screen choice. I had been reading some quotes by Ghandi and felt the spirit from his words: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” If we really want to know God and His teachings, we must know them to the degree that we could stand against all the armies of the earth, and be the only man standing up for the truth. Otherwise there would never be a Moroni, an Ether, or an Elijah… This is how sure we must be about each principle, and this surety can only come by pure revelation.

I really don’t know why I used an online screen name but it seems to have worked out. In my opinion we should look at everyone’s words and seek the truth of them based upon what is shared, even if we know nothing of the individual. Also, I believe it is immoral to trust that because a man has spoken a truth or two in the past, that the next thing out of his mouth will be true, regardless of any position he may have obtained.

2) I understand you live in Utah, have history or background in the LDS Church, but are not now a member. Would you mind sharing with readers what prompted your decision to leave and how it was received?

I will try the condensed version here. I experienced many wonderful spiritual experiences as a member of the LDS church. In fact I received revelation from week to week as a member. I received a powerful witness that Joseph Smith was a prophet, the book of Mormon was true, and many other subjects taught by the LDS church. All of these things led me to believe the LDS church was everything it claimed to be. Well, the time came where God decided to show me how little I knew. I began asking questions and receiving clear and undeniable answers upon many subjects. I learned for myself that none of the leaders had seen Christ, none of them were seers, or revelators, and they taught a lot of traditions of men.

Eventually this led me on the road to ex-communication. I shared some of the things I had learned and found myself in many “scriptural discussions” with a stake president. He was honest enough, and we disagreed upon the manner in which the Holy Ghost spoke. Before I was excommunicated, my wife and I resigned (which is odd because I am pretty sure they did not take my wife’s name off the records even though she requested it, but my name was taken off quickly). The first time I began receiving revelation that contradicted the church, I chose to follow the Spirit over any man on the earth. I have learned by revelation that the LDS church is the most difficult false church to leave by faith. I am grateful to God that He snatched my family from it all, and we have grown immensely from the experience.

3) You seem to have a thorough grasp of LDS scriptures, doctrine and history. To what do you attribute that? In short, tell us a little about your study habits, interests, what motivates you to study, and favorite topics.

To be honest, I read whatever I want to read. There are days when I will pour through 50 chapters of Isaiah because the Spirit is teaching me from chapter to chapter, and there are days when I will not read the scriptures and I will read an NDE book, or read other’s testimonies upon any given subject online. For a long time I studied all of the LDS material, I poured over all sorts of books by Latter Day Saints and learned a lot, but the time came when God showed me that all truth was not being taught in the church, and I began seeking it elsewhere. The Book of Mormon is perhaps the only book that God has ever told me plainly about. I know that “The Book of Mormon” is true. I do not know that all of the changes made in it were inspired, and I know the prophets intentionally left a lot of things out. There are “greater things” out there that have been withheld from us.

4) What is your objective in writing and sharing posts? Did you ever have your own blog? Do you plan one? Where do you hang out and comment online? LDS Freedom Forum? AVOW? Facebook Groups, others?

I have never had my own blog, and never intended to. When Tim opened the door for others to write, the spirit rested heavily upon me and told me it was time to write and share some things I had received from the Lord. My objective I guess is to do what the Spirit told me to do. I may be told to stop writing at some point and would be okay with that. Recently I have hopped onto LDS Freedom Forum and comment from time to time. I have never heard of AVOW, never had a Facebook account, and really don’t follow blogs other than Tim’s. I don’t know what drew me to his site. No plans for my own blog. Tim has been gracious enough to allow me to share, and the Spirit has told me clearly to do so. Sharing the gospel and finding edification with others is basically how I spend my time every day, so this is just another way of reaching out and being edified with new people.

5) Tell us a little about your family if you don’t mind getting a little personal. Is your wife LDS? How about children? How do your family members feel about your LDS status? How do former leaders treat you and your family?

Again I think my wife is LDS, but we sent in our letter of resignation together, so it is a bit confusing to me what her status is in the church. She might testify and call people to repentance in one of these fast and testimony meetings, so perhaps that is why the Lord has allowed her name to stay on the records. My wife is my best friend on this earth. Her name is Christina but she mostly goes by Tina. She is a spiritual giant and has silenced rooms full of unbelievers with her testimony. My kids are my other best friends. We have a 7 year old daughter, and two boys (3 and 1 years old). My family members on both sides are somewhat split with what we have experienced. Some of our siblings have received similar testimonies and we have received great outpourings of the Spirit with them from time to time.

Former “leaders” of the church are mostly scared of us now. I have called my former stake president to repentance on multiple occasions, and have born testimony to all that will listen. If there is any interaction with members of the LDS church, they try to leave before we can bring up the gospel. It is a little ironic but we welcome anyone into our home and love to share the gospel with anyone willing to listen.

6) Are you familiar with the works of Denver Snuffer? Have you read any of his books, attended any lectures? Who are your favorite authors and books – as related to the church, the gospel and your philosophy of life?

Everything I have learned about Denver Snuffer has been by revelation. I know the Lord has used him and will continue to do so. I have been told that he is a prophet and has keys. Admittedly, I have not read much of his material at all, or attended any lectures. I do not look to him in any way as a source of truth or authority, because he does not hold any over me. I know this for myself. There is no doubt that I would be edified with Denver if we sat down and spoke together. I have been told that he has indeed had the experience of seeing an angel, and has had other wonderful experiences. The Lord has told me nothing but good things about him, and God is using many people like him right now to help wake people up. That being said, I have been told about many individuals being prophets, and I do not look to any of them for additional truth, although God works through people often to teach me.

As far as my favorite books, I have read so many it would be impossible to pin down. I recommend that all Christians read “The Hiding Place.” This shows the power of faith among people of different religions. When it comes down to it, our particular orthodoxy is not the defining essence of who we are. There are wonderful sheep of God who are atheists right now, and they do not know God’s plan for them yet. I read some teachings of Mother Theresa recently that touched me deeply. Les Miserable (the full version) is a treasure to those who can get through it. Reading anything sincere and gospel related is beautiful to me. “Unbroken” was a great story. “Where the Red Fern Grows” had me crying. As related to the gospel, Isaiah is perhaps my favorite author, although I enjoy the words of all of the prophets. Really I have lost interest in most LDS authors because they all seem to say the same stuff in different ways, although I am impressed with whoever has learned about eternal lives and has sought to share it from an LDS perspective. This shows that others are thinking and learning things that are outside of the box. My whole philosophy on life is to come to know God and follow the Spirit of Truth, and this can be found in so many different ways and in many different avenues, but no one has been given the power yet that I have been promised will come, so I am anxiously awaiting that day.

7) Tell us about your relationship with the Lord and a little about your journey in coming to know and love Him. Do you feel the Lord has blessed you with special gifts, a mission, a calling, a way to bless and help others?

My relationship with my Savior can be summed up by my utter dependence on Him, and His profound patience with me. I love Him because He poured His love upon me first. I have a witness of His reality and my heart ponders upon Him and His work continually. The Lord blesses us all with gifts! I do have a mission, the Lord has shown me many things pertaining to my future. There are thousands that the Lord is preparing right now for wonderful missions. It is my mission to do whatever God asks me to do, no more and no less. All blessings that are given are given by the Lord and His power. If He uses us as instruments it is only because He loves us and knows it will benefit us. It is not because He needs us to do His work.

8) What kind of work do you do? How are you able to carve time out during the day to respond to comments? Why did you choose your line of work? Is it just a job or does the Lord use your work to refine and test you?

Right now I am working as a quality assurance technician for a food company. This job was given to me by the Lord for a purpose, but sometimes I wonder what it is : ) I also have owned a landscaping business for years. These things I look at as another part of my experience here to refine me. All things are part of God’s plan. I chose to own a landscaping business when the Spirit told me to start it up with one of my friends. I have always been blessed to work with friends, or family members that have been open to talking about the gospel pretty much all day we are together, and I find working outdoors has been wonderful because I often have time to pray and ponder and learn as I do so. I have never earned that much money, and it has never bothered me. Really I continually look forward to things that are coming, and I know that my labor will be elsewhere, until then God blesses me with a way to provide for my family, and it is sufficient.

9) You seem confident in both your posts and in your responses to comments. How do you deal with critics? Some online commenters can be adamant about “rightness” and “wrongness” of topics. How open are you?

Sometimes I am more open than others. It depends who I am talking to. There are many truths that are hard to swallow, and I truly try to speak toward edification in all things. Regardless of our differences, we have unity in Christ, and hopefully others can perceive that I am sincere and love the Lord. There are times when I probably judge people wrongly, and I have written things for the wrong reason. I am confident on things that I have learned by revelation, and I know there is a good chance that people will not agree or even care to consider what I have to say, but that is okay. People often think I am arrogant when I declare revelation, and I understand where they are coming from. It is important to me to declare when I have learned something by revelation, not for the other person’s sake, but for my own. I have told God in the Spirit that that I will never be ashamed of what He has told me, and therefore I try to be forthright and tell people plainly when God has spoken something to me. That being said, I have shared only a portion of what I have received, and I know it will remain that way for some time. Sometimes I am impatient and want to smack the truth into people, but this is pride and I have much to learn.

10) What are your feelings about the establishment of Zion, your participation in it and how you can help others? In other words, what are your views about the nearness of the events prophesied to occur before the Lord returns?

There is not much time to prepare, and God is now gathering the laborers in spirit. I would not be surprised if the events began today, but I can only say they are close. Many are being stirred unto repentance, and a curse is being lifted off of many individuals. I have learned that I can do nothing. That being said if we submit to God He can work through us. There will be great confusion for most people when miracles begin outside of their church, and doctrines are taught that are hard to consider when people have always thought they have had a fullness of truth. Great miracles will take place among the people of God. Mountains will be moved, rivers will turn their course, and all people of Babylon will go to war against the saints of God. All things will be in commotion. There will be prophets who will warn the people of the earth, starting in one area and moving from country to country, gathering the elect and prophesying destruction to those who will not repent. At first they will be seen as crazy, and then they will be seen as threats, and finally when all is said and done all the people of the earth will know they are the followers of Christ, and it was God who set His hand to cleanse the earth, and gather His people. I long for the day and rejoice in the promises that I have received for myself. It will happen in this generation.

The words of Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind – “I still have the faith to believe that we shall overcome. Before the victory is won, some of us will have to get scarred up a bit. Before the victory is won, some more will be thrown into jail. Before the victory is won, many will be misunderstood and called bad names simply because they’re determined to stand up. Before the victory is won, maybe somebody else….will have to face physical death. Physical death is a price that some must pay to free their children and their … brothers from an eternal death of the spirit. Then nothing can be more redemptive. Yes, we shall overcome and I have faith in the future because I know somehow that although the arc of the moral universe is long, it bends toward justice, and there is something in this universe which justifies us[sic] in saying, “No lie will live forever.” … With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair the stone of home. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith, we will be able to speed up the day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics will be able to join hands all over this nation and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

9 Replies to “Minority of One”

  1. I appreciate knowing why you’re doing this, but still feel we are not ready for all the “added doctrine” you are receiving. Still don’t know how seven million people can be deceived and how you get around “by their fruits ye shall know them.”
    Look at the good the church does in humanitarian aid and help, the beautiful, immaculate buildings, the temples, the youth trying to stay out of trouble and be moral, missionaries, like our twins, that share two years of their lives to introducing people to Christ, the family emphasis, the strength to overcome and live by faith, the social friendships and joy, the spirit testifying through concepts and prayer, on and on. By their fruits. We as a culture do have faults–judgement, political hardness, questions sometimes smoothed over, but “by their fruits” ye shall know them. Most of your family remain true to the gospel and I know you love us. Please, don’t underestimate our intellect and sincerity.
    Love, Aunt Cindy

  2. Love you guys,

    There are wonderful from people belonging to every church, especially outward works they do in the form of service and humanitarian aid. The seventh day adventists are building hospitals and giving aid to so many people. The sisters in the Catholic Church who have followed the path that God showed through Mother Theresa have worked miracles and effected millions of people for the better. It is beautiful to know that God is working with people of all faiths. I have no doubt he is working with you! With any disagreement, or difference in interpretation of spiritual experience, it in no way reflects a loss of love for anybody.
    It is incredible to me that I believed at one point that amazing people like Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Ghandi, and so many others were trapped in spirit prison until they “repented” and were baptized into the LDS church, simply because that is what Joseph Smith and others taught. That to me is a bad fruit that I ingested because of my belief in the doctrines of the church. I also believed that people with black skin were cursed at one time, and were not supposed to have priesthood because God said so. I read and ingested the fruits offered by “apostles” like Alvin Dyer, Brigham Young, etc. I ingested the bad fruit of Ezra Taft Benson and the falsehoods he offered about Martin Luther King Jr. that I now know by the Spirit are false.
    I ingested the immoral fruit of believing women couldn’t exercise priesthood power, and that they should look to the husband as the head of the household. I ingested the bad fruit that I should look to men as my leaders in spiritual matters instead of God, and actually ingested the idea that I couldn’t ask God about anything that the leaders of the church hadn’t received revelation on first, and expect to get answers, because God would only reveal new truth through certain people.
    Now looking back I can’t believe that I accepted so much as truth without getting my own witness from God on the matter. So the trick for someone of any religion, if that is where God wants them to be, is to learn to glean truth by the Spirit, and never accept something just because the preacher, or prophet, or pope, or minister etc says it is true. I know that God certainly wants a lot of people in the LDS church, because that is where they can best serve, or where they can best learn for the time being.
    I know as well as I am writing this that nothing will hinder me from coming up to you both and giving you a hug in the next life and calling you family and friends. There is no power to seal families together stronger than the love that we share for each other and for God. I know it. Thanks for commenting! Love you both!

  3. Should have said “there are wonderful FRUITS from people belonging to every church,”

  4. To Minority:
    Having done great in depth research on Ezra Taft Benson as well as equal amounts into the Civil Rights Movement, I can tell you that the former was far from a racist. I lived through it all, long before you were born. It is a fact that MLK jr. was playing two sides of the fence and had involvement with the Communist Party Training and insertion programs. But so were many other Americans. In the 50s and 60s. Communist Infiltration and undermining was going in many US College Campuses. Many of the protestors and activists were cultivated by Communist Antagonists. The game plan was to get sympathy for causes that would weaken political support for The Vietnam War which was subsidized by Russia and China. These were expressed in War Protests and marches starting many times on college campuses. The Liberal Nature of many campuses made for great breading grounds for Socialism and Communism.The Cold War was struck and fought in many hidden arenas and one of those was the growing issue of Civil Rights.The Birch Society was a Watch Dog against Communism and included people of all races and religions. Their main goal was protection of the US Constitution and American Freedom and Liberty from Communist Expansion. Ezra T Benson was dialed in and was very much aware of the deadly effects of Communism. He was far from Racist and the FBI was watching all Communists Sympathizers and recruits. MLK being a highly influential recruit could take the focus off Vietnam (Financial drainer for Russia) through his Civil Rights Efforts. Politics was highly involved and many games were being played out. The Black Militants had their ideas, but MLK and others had theirs.
    So whatever story you read about ETBenson that would give you fuel for your posting above was inaccurate.Joseph Smith, the Mormon Church Founder was documented in many cases as anti slavery and had many occasions invited Blacks into the church. It was when it was endangering them and their families by way of the Slave owners that great care had to be taken in pursuing proselyting to them. Also Remember Missouri was a Southern State and endorsed Slavery which was a hotly contested issue at the time. Before defaming or extolling and exalting men, you should do more than cursory reading on the subjects. ET Benson did more for America and your freedom than you might ever know. Many did not like him, and had heart burn for him, but that is because they are immature in their understanding of his service and life as a whole. So when you say he bore false witness, you are in danger of doing the very same.

  5. TiHarmon,

    Thanks for your comment. In order for us to have a conversation about this to any degree of effectiveness, I would have to first know a few of your beliefs.

    1. Do you believe that men were inspired to withhold the priesthood from blacks in the LDS church?

    2. Do you believe that Martin Luther King Jr. fulfilled a mission from God during the civil rights movement?

    3. During the civil rights movement, which you lived through, were you praying, hoping, rooting for the blacks to receive equal rights, or were you opposed to equal rights for them? If you were opposed to them receiving equal rights, have you had a change of heart since?

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